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Photo Gallery: Ireland Journey North to South

March 13, 2018 by Dawn Rainbolt

Ireland is nicknamed the Emerald Isle for good reason. The island’s rolling green hills dotted with sheep and cottages are reminiscent of another era. From rugged ocean-carved coastlines to glittering quartzite peaks to remote bogs blanketing lost landscapes


A View to Provence

February 14, 2018 by Stuart Sommers

Provence is a vast region in southeastern France, framed by the Alps to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Though no one seems to agree as to the exact boundaries of Provence, one thing is certain: if the olive trees grow and the cicadas chant, if the sun-drenched hilltop villages are adorned with bright blue shutters and ruddy clay tiles, and especially if refreshing rosé is sipped at the village café, it’s definitely Provence!


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Photo Gallery of the Week—UNESCO World Heritage Sites

August 24, 2017 by Chris Bettencourt

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are at the vanguard of preservation of the world's precious natural and cultural history, and many of Mountain Travel Sobek's journeys feature some of the best.


20 Best Hikes of a Lifetime for 2018

August 03, 2017 by Heather Howard

Ancient paths, pilgrimage routes, inn-to-inn trails, and cross-country journeys have inspired travelers and explorers for eons. Following courses that have been carved out across dramatic landscapes, you too can experience the thrill of the journey and the many rewards of making it to the end. In fact, we've also been inspired by one of our guests who explained her passion for loop treks, which enable her to go full circle back to the start, but with a new perspective. On our best hikes of a lifetime list, we’ve picked many timeless endeavors, plus a new trip to watch for 2018. How many have you done?


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A Journey Through Peru

May 23, 2017 by Luis Saravia

Latin America expert Luis Saravia has just returned from a 10-day journey through Peru, from the stunning jungle retreat Reserva Amazonica to the Lares region of Peru. Read about his special moments on the road and fascinating insights into the way of life of the local people.