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Safari Wonders in Northern Tanzania

January 09, 2017 by Patrick Ferrell

"I just got back from my third safari in Northern Tanzania, the Ultimate Tanzania Safari, and it truly lived up to its billing. This was the Africa of Holden, Houston, and Hemingway. With walled tents and bucket showers, sundowners around an open fire, and lions and hyenas proclaiming themselves masters of the night, as darkness reigns just beyond the embers' glow. In the morning we were off at the break of dawn on game drives while the predators were still settling their differences from the night before. It was Africa seen not through a light box in the corner of the room, but in whole present reality as bright as the sky, as vast as the horizon."


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Ultimate Chomolhari: Trekking to the Tiger's Nest

October 14, 2016 by Brian Allen

"Out of the corner of my eye I spot a flash of movement as a huge heard of Himalayan Blue Sheep runs together across a hillside; from my vantage point high above they appear as a school of fish floating in and out of the patches of mist that cling to the slopes of the valley. I reach for my camera and then stop, knowing that a photo will never do this place justice."


Photo Gallery of the Week: Australia Birthday Adventure

October 03, 2016 by Jeffrey Klugman

"We returned in late August from our MTS Australian Custom Journey for my wife May’s 50th birthday. Our trip was epic in so many ways, and we wanted to share our photo gallery and a few trip notes! Special kudos to our guide Tiff at Sal Salis on the Ningaloo Reef and to Calandra, our top-deck/VIP host on the Great Barrier Reef live aboard."


Walking Above the Clouds: The Tour du Mont Blanc Express

August 25, 2016 by Rob Feakins

MTS Adventure Traveler Rob Feakins shares with us his interactive story Walking Above the Clouds, which follows his journey through the Mont Blanc Massif.


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Photo Gallery Antarctica Fly & Cruise

July 27, 2016 by Laura Parent

Polar adventurer and program director for Polar expeditions Laura Parent recently returned from our most popular Antarctic adventure: Antarctica Fly & Cruise. Here Laura shares with us her best moments, along with a gallery of jaw-dropping images.