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Discover Ancient Jordan & Petra Webinar


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Webinar begins at 10am PDT on Thursday August 17, 2017

Join Ayman Abd Alkareem on this special inaugural journey, part of Mountain Travel Sobek’s new Heritage Adventures series. Filled with stunning desert landscapes and wondrous historical sites, and exuding a warm tradition of hospitality, Jordan captures the magic of the Middle East. You'll treasure every moment as you explore ancient Nabatean city of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, and behold views across the biblical Promised Land from Mount Nebo. As an ancient intersection between Jerusalem, Cairo, Damascus and Mecca, Jordan has long been welcoming visitors. Today, Jordan continues to extend a warm welcome to those who choose to visit—leaving all with a new impression of the Middle East.

  • Experience the wonders of Jordan on this incredible 12-day adventure that combines antiquity and hiking, with 5 days spent following Bedouin trails through the Sharah Mountains
  • Be amazed by a treasure trove of antiquities, including the beautifully preserved Roman city of Jerash and the UNESCO-listed Nabatean city of Petra, among many others
  • Enjoy luxury in nature at the serene Feynan Ecolodge and feel Jordan’s warm hospitality as you learn to make Bedouin coffee with locals

Meet Your Host: Ayman Abd Alkareem

Ayman grew up in Jordan’s historic capital city, Amman. He studied tourism and archeology at university and then qualified as a licensed guide. Ayman is a passionate person; he loves his country, he loves hiking and exploring the trails, canyons and deserts of Jordan, and he loves sharing Jordan with visitors. His mum served as a cook for the Jordanian royal family, and Ayman inherited a love for Jordanian food and cooking. Ayman was one of the pioneers who helped with the scouting and mapping of the Jordan Trail, which has helped to develop the local hiking culture in Jordan, as well as create a world class hiking trail that makes more of the country’s hidden treasure accessible to visitors. Ayman has guided thousands of visitors from various nations and backgrounds and cultures. His infectious smile and hospitable personality mean you meet him as a guide, but leave with a new friend.

MTS Lifetime Adventurer: Kevin Callaghan

Adventure has been in Kevin’s blood from an early age growing up in North Dakota, where he rafted, hiked, skied, and explored the outdoors every chance he had. Kevin then went on to complete an Outward Bound wilderness leadership course, and became a sailing and skiing instructor. Since then, he's crewed on the winning sail boat in the Pineapple Cup, climbed Mount Denali, and has traveled to over 50 countries! In recent years he has led MTS adventures to remote parts of North Korea, China’s western Xinjiang region, Myanmar’s Keng Tung area (long closed off to tourism), Iran’s far corners, England's 200-mile Coast to Coast Trail, Papua New Guinea, and to Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter, under special permission from the Saudi government. Kevin is also a Royal Geographic Society Fellow (London) and a member of The Explorers Club (New York City). Kevin served as MTS CEO & President for 15 years before retiring to travel in 2016.