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Explore Brazil's Pantanal and Amazon with Douglas Simões


The Brazilian Pantanal is considered the largest wetland in the world and we invite you to explore its many wonders with local expert Douglas Simões. Learn about the tremendously diverse population of over 1,000 species of birds, 400 species of fish, 300 different mammals, 80 types of reptiles, and one of the highest densities of jaguars in the amazon. Find out how MTS guests can enjoy unprecedented access to the exotic wildlife and beauty of the region—by foot, boat, horseback, off-road 4x4 vehicle, or canoe. Imagine adventuring to observation towers for prime bird and wildlife viewing, or canoeing beneath a dense rainforest canopy while tracking monkeys. There is no shortage of excitement in the Brazilian Amazon! Plus, hear how travelers can enjoy serene and tranquil accommodations while spending time in comfortable eco-lodges and private nature reserves. Join us for this fascinating webinar journey through the Pantanal. Click here to view!


Meet Your Webinar Host: Douglas Simões

Born in São Paulo and currently residing 60km away in Jundiaí, Douglas has been involved with adventure travel in Brazil since 1996. He holds a degree in Computer Science, a Masters Degree in Business Administration, and has traveled to more than 40 countries and 5 continents. Douglas has lived around the world in England, Canada, and Australia and has been guiding trips for over 20 years. During his free time, he loves to travel with his family to a variety of wildlife, nature and ski destinations, dive with his wife Luciana and explore mountains on his bike and on foot. At home he enjoys cooking, playing and watching football, and brewing beer.