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How to Grow a Community of Like-Minded Adventurers


Our Marin headlands hike on Saturday January 28, 2017, was a roaring success, with over 80 hikers from MTS's San Francisco Bay Area travel community joining us on a free hike led by adventure expert John Baston. After our rainy but well-attended Point Reyes hike in October, we enjoyed a gloriously sunny day in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and set out in five waves to account for the incredible turn out!

Groups took to the Coastal Trail, Miwok Trail and Bobcat Trail (and variations of all) eager to tackle the 7.5 mile loop or take the short cut back through the middle. A top stop-off along the way was the Nike Missile Site, a Cold War relic and now a collection of graffiti-tagged concrete shells that made for a great photo opportunity.

As well as inspiring a feeling of community, getting out on the trail makes us remember why we love working at Mountain Travel Sobek, and helps us better understand our current guests and future fans. It also gives us the chance to explore our own backyard and be reminded of its beauty. We heard "wow, it's gorgeous" every time someone turned around to take in the view! In fact, few had ever done this particular trail even though they'd lived in the Bay Area for years.

For those planning to hike with Mountain Travel Sobek this summer this hike gave them a chance to prepare. Some of our hikes are just a few miles a day but a number of strenuous and challenging hikes are up to 10 miles, so this was the perfect hike to flex muscles and get a feel for pace—and the camaraderie of a group trip. The best thing for me was how a steep ascent was made easier by the fun chatter of my group. I felt buoyed along and the day went quicker. In fact, it didn't feel like a hike—more like a day out with friends.

Heather Howard

Thanks from John Baston: Thank you to all who came out with us to enjoy this beautiful winter day at the Marin Headlands! These weekend hikes are a great way to meet other Mountain Travel Sobek travelers and spend a day out enjoying nature. Thanks for sharing all your stories of world travels while marveling at the beauty we have right here near our home! See you next time out on the trail.