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Mountain Travel Sobek's 2017 Leader Summit


Every great Mountain Travel Sobek trip starts with our talented team of guides, who know their regions intimately and are the key to every successful trip. Bringing them together to share knowledge and celebrate the art of guiding is an integral part of our company philosophy and this year's Leader Summit was our biggest event yet.

More than 70 guides from around the world made the trip to Mountain Travel Sobek's headquarters in Emeryville for four days of fun, including sessions on effective communication and storytelling, a spot of yoga, and a team-building day out on Angel Island. Along with 30-year guiding veterans like Tim Dice from New Mexico and Sanjeev Chhetri from Nepal, we welcomed new MTS guide Ayman Abd Alkareem from Jordan. We also caught up with Elias Mzemo from Tanzania, who has climbed Kilimanjaro over 300 times, and Pranoy Rai who gave an insightful update on Nepal after the 2015 earthquake.

As well as sharing a collective passion for guiding, many expressed their gratitude for Mountain Travel Sobek's community of adventure seekers who understand the benefits of having a great guide to navigate their journey. "They are adventurous and want to learn," says Verny Chavarria from Costa Rica, "they go home feeling as passionate about the place as I do." Together, guide and group, become a team that are ready to tackle the route ahead, whether it's hiking England Coast to Coast, taking a family voyage around the Galápagos Islands, or rafting the lush waterways of Costa Rica's Rio Pacuare.

Clever, unflappable, and exceedingly good-humored, these rock star guides made our week. Thanks to every one of them for making the journey to be with us. Check out photos from the week in the gallery below and our Leader Summit Shorts on YouTube.