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Need to Cool Off This Summer?


With summer upon us, some may be feeling the need for a refreshing getaway to beat the long days of heat. If this sounds like your situation then you've come to the right spot. Our latest Twitter Travel Talk was hosted by Shane Dallas over at The Travel Camel (@TheTravelCamel) and showcases everything about traveling below zero and beyond! 


Q1: What is the coldest place you have visited on The Road Less Travelled? Share a photo! via @ilanaontheroad @TravelureAjay #TRLT


A1: Drifting along huge tabular icebergs and blubber-filled seals in the icy Weddell Sea in the heart of Antarctica #TRLT #heschillin


Q2: What is your favorite cold weather activity on The Road Less Travelled? Share a photo! via @roarloud @cruisewriter #TRLT

A2: Nothing like a refreshing morning kayak in Glacier Bay, #Alaska – Don’t fall in! #TRLT


Q3: What hot place was actually very cold when you visited? Share a photo! via @carornocar @CharlesMcCool #TRLT

A3: You wouldn’t think it, but the Namib desert in Namibia can drop down to 28 ºF, naming it one of the coldest deserts in the world! #TRLT


Q4: What tradition have you seen/experienced that didn’t make sense in cold weather? Share a photo! via @idowhatiwanto1 #TRLT

A4: Major props to all those dedicated surfers out there who trek in the ice to catch some frosty waves! #crazyorcool #definitelycool #TRLT


Q5: How do you keep warm in cold places? Share your tips! via @gnome_trotting @InAfricaNbeyond @bradtguides #TRLT

A5: Distraction. When you catch your first glimpse of a polar bear in the wild, the cold is the last thing you’re thinking about. #TRLT


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