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NYT Inspired 11 Places to See in 2018


Recently, The New York Times released the 52 Places to See in 2018, “A Starter Kit For Escaping Into the World”. Seeking to inspire, we’ve identified 11 trips which visit the same places on this magical list of destinations. Where do you want to go?

2 - Colombia MT Sobek Trip: Wonders of Colombia

The seamless blend of culture and nature weaved into our brand-new Colombia adventure reveals the best of this buzzy South American beauty. From mountain sanctuaries and colorful towns to the coffee-growing Andean foothills and the sultry Caribbean coast, the journey takes in Colombia’s diverse highlights.

6 - Patagonia MT Sobek Trip: Hiker’s Patagonia & Smuggler’s Trail

See the best of the region on moderate to strenuous day hikes in Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Parks on our most popular Patagonia adventure, Hiker’s Patagonia. Want to dive deeper? Trace the footsteps of outlaws and mountain pioneers on this unique hiking adventure deep into Patagonia’s heart.

7 - Bhutan MT Sobek Trip: Himalayan Passages

Experience the great kingdoms of the Himalayas and Discover Bhutan, one of the most tradition-rich lands in the world, and its beautiful folk art.

11 - Mexico/ Baja Adventure MT Sobek Trip: Baja Adventure

Journey along the sun-drenched beaches of Baja and discover a beautiful natural world, spanning two oceans and the mountain range that divides them. Engage in thrilling activities for the whole family—kayaking, hiking, camping, surfing, snorkeling, and much more!

14 – Zambia MT Sobek Trip: Walking in Zambia

Enjoy an old-fashioned walking safari in a little visited area of Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, while overnighting in select, intimate bush camps, the lap of luxury!

17 - Ancient Silk Road China MT Sobek Trip: Hidden China

Hike on the remote Gubeikou and Jinshanling portions of the legendary Great Wall on this custom-tailored 6-day adventure. Travel by mountain bike and bamboo raft through the surreal karst landscape of Yangshuo.

33 - Tasmania MT Sobek Trip: Wild Tasmania

The island of Tasmania is remote, wild, and ready for adventure. During this twelve-day trip, you’ll get a chance to experience it all as we kayak tranquil harbors, hike past waterfalls, and take a boat ride along the dramatic coastline with its columnar sea cliffs.

34 – Iceland MT Sobek Trip: Magical North & Eastern Fjords

Experience the delights of Iceland’s volcanic north as you hike its remote and rugged highland trails, away from the tourist crowds, and enjoy the comfort of hotels at night. Want more? Join the only North American operator to trek in the eastern fjords, a raw, remote, and remarkable place!

38 - Bolivia MT Sobek Trip: Salt Flats & Cordillera Real

Discover a surreal wilderness of endless salt flats, high deserts, flamingo-dotted multicolored lagoons and steaming geysers of Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni and the southwest . Visit La Paz, the world’s highest capital city, and Tiwanaku, Bolivia’s most important archaeological site and the heart of a pre-Inca empire.

42 – Megeve, France MT Sobek Trip: Private Departures Available*

Contact MTS for exclusive itineraries to this beautiful mountain town, and the surrounding alpine region, in southeastern France.

52 – Laos MT Sobek Trip: Highlights of Luang Prabang

In 2008, the New York Times rated Luang Prabang the #1 destination in the world. Still living in the past, the outside world has not yet influenced the culture and way of life in the mountain villages of Luang Prabang. Come meet the kindest, gentlest people in the world who still reside here, and will welcome you.

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