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Photo Gallery of the Week: Portrait of Cuba

Cuba Program Director
Laura Parent with President
Obama's doppelganger in
Havana, Cuba.

Nestled in the Caribbean Sea less than 100 miles from the tip of the United States, Cuba's influence looms large over the history of America itself. From the Spanish-American War exploits of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and the tourism boom created by thirsty Americans looking to escape the strictures of Prohibition, to the Cuban Missile Crisis and today's uncertainty around travel to the island, Cuba is seldom far from America’s consciousness. Through it all one thing has remained constant: the vivacity and determination of the Cuban people. Whether from hardship or newfound prosperity, Cuba is always infused with an air of improvisation and evolution. Now, as the Cuban people find themselves poised upon the cusp of their next great chapter, is a great time to visit and see firsthand the elegance of Cuba's history, the verve of its present, and the eager anticipation of what lies ahead. This gallery gives you a chance to be in the passenger seat as MTS Cuba Program Director Laura Parent traveled to Cuba—camera in hand— to find out for herself what makes this complex place tick.

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