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Safari Wonders in Northern Tanzania


Dear Friends at Mountain Travel Sobek –

I just got back from my third safari in Northern Tanzania, the Ultimate Tanzania Safari, and it truly lived up to its billing. This was the Africa of Holden, Houston, and Hemingway. With walled tents and bucket showers, sundowners around an open fire, and lions and hyenas proclaiming themselves masters of the night, as darkness reigns just beyond the embers' glow. In the morning we were off at the break of dawn on game drives while the predators were still settling their differences from the night before. It was Africa seen not through a light box in the corner of the room, but in whole present reality as bright as the sky, as vast as the horizon.

We camped two nights in a shady grove of acacia trees in the Maasai lands above Ngorongoro Crater amid their kraals and pastures. Welcomed by them with a traditional greeting dance and songs, allowed to visit their bomas, and to casually observe their daily activities from our tents.

As I have come to expect from earlier Sobek adventures, the guides and drivers were participants in the journey, not bellhops and chauffeurs who pick you up after breakfast and escort you around to see what everybody else is looking at. They knew more than the names of creatures we were meeting, they had deep insights to their natures and the parts they play in the swelling scene before us. They shared our meals and conversations and escorted us safely afoot in the wilderness for three days from camp to camp protected by their knowledge of the area and the rifles they carried.

At seventy three years I realize I am doing many things for the last time and this is one of them. It rates with the best of any of my adventures. I hope that there may be a few more to come.

Patrick Ferrell

Thanks so much Patrick for sharing your wonderful insights into our Ultimate Tanzania Safari. Here's to many more adventures!