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Ultimate Namibia Webinar: Explore Southern Africa's Timeless Frontier


Join us for a compelling webinar led by expert Birgit Bekker and explore Mountain Travel Sobek’s two exclusive Namibia trips: Ultimate Namibia Safari and Desert to Delta: The Best of Namibia & Botswana. Bigger than Texas and endowed with a spectacular combination of forests, deserts, towering sand dunes, and Stone Age rock art, Namibia naturally provides an opportunity for a rich “out there” experience. The sense of adventure evoked by the exploration of this lesser traveled region, coupled with the diversity of unique desert-adapted wildlife, topography, and remains of ancient culture, make Namibia an intriguing destination for those in search of a rare African experience.

If you'd like to hear more about these unique safaris, check out the recording here

Meet Your Webinar Host: Birgit Bekker

Birgit is a fourth generation Namibian, of German descent, and has worked in the Namibian tourism sector for nearly two decades. She has travelled to more than 400 lodges, camps and hotel in the country, and is one of the most passionate Namibians in the industry. Whilst she enjoys the pulsating vibe of big city life, she prefers her soul to be rejuvenated in her favorite place – northwest Namibia. Any of the ephemeral river systems, the purple pink colors of the Damaraland and especially the wild isolation of the Kunene region is where her seemingly inexhaustible positive energy gets it’s much needed recharge.  She serves on the TASA board for the past three years and is fiercely committed to continuously promote Namibia as a safe, unique and pioneering tourism destination.