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Our Guests Say It Best

Our purpose in adventure travel is to give you the opportunity for an active life-changing experience in this big, beautiful world of ours. When guests write us back with stories of elation, epiphany, and increased understanding we’re inspired to continue providing the best possible caliber of trips and service to be found. That’s our commitment to you—and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


"trip of a lifetime"
Mountain Travel Sobek arranged this trip of a lifetime for us. We have traveled throughout the world, but never experienced a level of service and attention to detail as we did with MTS.  Dennis Gerber ~ Explore the Wonders of Machu Picchu


"go to adventure travel company"
I've taken six MTS trips and they have all exceeded my expectations. The staff, the food, the logistics and the communications have always been exceptional. Thank you for being my "go to" adventure travel company! Margaret Idema ~ Galápagos Wildlife Adventure Cruise  


"the stuff dreams are made of"
Our trip was seamless thanks to the high quality vendors that are part of the MTS experience. Thanks MTS for providing the "stuff dreams are made of"! Judy Pearson ~ South Africa Private Adventure  


"every trip is my favorite"
Alaska is the place that brought me alive, heart and soul, and brought my mind to utter peace. That’s why I go back so often—for that experience. And every trip is my favorite because MTS guides are the best in the world! Marti Spiegelman ~ Glacier Bay Escape


"enthusiasm and professionalism"
Both my daughter and I thought the best part of the trip was our guide, Namgay. We thoroughly enjoyed both the cultural and trekking experiences equally. Namgay’s enthusiasm and professionalism were above the grade of excellent. His knowledge of culture and wildlife was superb. Namgay added his own personal touch, which made the entire trip a magical experience for the two of us…the trip was perfect! Stephen & Erika Penner ~ Bhutan Sampler


"uttter euphoria"
I read good things about Mountain Travel Sobek’s safety precautions and long experience on the route...scaling the breach was the high point of the trip. Utter euphoria! I think you all have this trip down to a science and would encourage friends to go with you for that reason. Damien Brouillard ~ Climb Kilimanjaro


"best guide I've ever had"
This was my eighth MTS trip and the second to the Galápagos. On all the other MTS trips I’ve taken, I have had excellent guides—I’ve never been disappointed. Having said this, I want you to know that Greg Estes has been by far and away the best guide I’ve ever had. He has a great ability to impart his knowledge of the Galápagos, but also to regale us with entertaining anecdotal stories that enhance the experience. He has a knack for making every person on the trip feel as if they are the most important. I hope to return to the Galápagos on a future trip with more of my family. John Shively & Blythe Hartsook ~ Galápagos Islands


"our favorite adventure travel company"
A prominent reason we have chosen MTS as our favorite adventure travel company has been the excellent travel guides. This adventure has certainly been no exception. Kalia is a very valuable member within your team—well-versed in the history and cultures of the Hawaiian Islands. She knows the flora and fauna, where they came from, and their uses. Kalia is friendly, compassionate, and willing to structure the trip to the needs and desires of her guests. Through Kalia, we were able to obtain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of Hawaii. Kalia made our Hawaiian adventure very special! Carol & Burt Douglass ~ Adventures in Hawaii


"in love with your company"
The guides were phenomenal, the scenery beautiful, the food great, plus the hiking, waterfalls and whitewater were beyond belief! It was the highlight of our lives as a family. What a beautiful country, what beautiful people—we will miss everyone sooooo much. We couldn’t have asked for a better mix of people on the trip. We laughed, talked, and got along great. I am in love with your company! Sharon O’Connor ~ Adventures in Costa Rica


"first on our list"
When my group was deciding which travel company to choose for our dream trip to Peru, Karen wrote describing what MTS could do for us. Everything Karen promised came true, and much more! Our trip was perfect and not one person in my group had a complaint—we were all very happy with MTS. Your staff was perfect, your choice of hotels was excellent, and as a bonus, the weather was fantastic. We are very satisfied with our choice of MTS, and you will be first on our list when we plan our next trip. Matthildur Hermannsdóttir ~ Inca Trail & Beyond


I have traveled extensively around the world. The experience with MTS was by far the best I have ever had. Thank you for such excellence. Marianne Walters ~ Galápagos Islands


"flawlessly organized"
This was the most flawlessly organized and executed adventure travel trip that I have been on in the last 30 years of trips in Asia, Europe and South America. Jasper Rine ~ Private Patagonia & Cape Horn Adventure 


"always very responsive and helpful"
Each day was different from the day previous, the hikes were challenging overall, and the guides were the very best. The staff at MTS is always very responsive and helpful. It is one of the reasons I have taken over a dozen trips over the years. Laurent is one of the very best guides I have ever had on any trip from any company (and I have been on over 30 adventure trips). His ability to relate on a personal, fun level is incredible. His knowledge of the local geology, biology, zoology, and culture/history cannot be matched by any guide I have traveled with. I would sign up for a trip just to travel with him again. I also appreciated that Laurent added some twists and turns to the scheduled hikes as the days progressed, and gave us options for routes he had not done in the past. I also liked that he let me (a fast hiker) go ahead at times. Eddie Reynolds & Edwin Jones ~ Hiking the GR5: Alps to the Sea


"so far beyond expectations"
This trip was so far beyond our expectations. At the end of the first day, after a spontaneous swim with more than 3 dozen dolphins and having had a baby sea lion lick her toe, our 10-year-old daughter said, “Mummy, this is the best day of my life.” It was all gravy from that point, and just kept getting better. Thank you, MTS! Alison MacKenzie-Armes ~ Galápagos Islands


"fantastic trip"
Fantastic trip! Third one with MTS and hoping for several more! Henry Gewirtz ~ Patagonia Explorer


"first-rate guides"
Our group of mostly older hikers has made 8 trips with MTS—to places as diverse as Mongolia, Slovenia, Spain and California—and loved every one of them. MTS has first-rate guides and cares about safety, as well as fun. Alice Rivlin ~ Eastern Sierra Nevada Custom Itinerary


"positive imprint"
I have taken 12 trips with Mountain Travel Sobek. Each has left a positive imprint on me. They have each widened my view of the world and its peoples and enabled me to overcome challenges as a hiker and a person. Jane Brooks ~ Best of Norway's Great Outdoors


"gaining a new set of close friends"
Traveling with MTS is like gaining a new set of close friends that have shared an incredible experience together. Mark Nelsen ~ The Best of the Dolomites