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2017 Adventure Photo Competition Winners

We've had lots of adventurous travelers share their favorite photos with us in our 2017 Adventure Photo Competition, and picking the winners has kept the judges busy! We're still accepting entries for this month, and the competition will run through December, so there's still time to enter photos of your favorite travel moments and possibly win a $500 travel credit towards your next MTS adventure. Check out the current winners below, and click here for rules and guidelines for entering!

August's Winner: David Whiteman

Hiking Diamond Hill, May 2017 Hiking Classic Ireland. The rain in the background and sunlight filtering through the
clouds brings out the Ireland "green" as we crested the peak.














September's Winner: Mark Fischl

“This picture is from a wonderful trek around Ausangate in Southern Peru. This little
boy was fascinated to see an image of himself!” —Mark Fischl
(Shot with Pixel smartphone)


















October's Winner: Joe De Kehoe

“This was kind of a special day. We had light rain the night before and woke to a clear, crystal blue sky. Some in
the party elected to climb to the top of the largest dune. The herdsmen with the camels circled the dune to meet
the party on the opposite side. Scenes such as this, the magic of Marrakesh, and the coastal town of Essaouira are
why Morocco maintains a reputation as one of the premier travel destinations. On this day I decided to remain
with the camels to photograph the morning sun on the dune field. Morocco Camel Trek, October 2013.”
—Joe De Kehoe
(Shot with a Nikon D70 Camera and Nikon 18-200mm zoom, f/4.5 at 1/500 second)

















November's Winner: Could it be you?