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Galápagos Travel Experts

Mountain Travel Sobek has been sailing in the Galápagos Islands for over 45 years, and our Galápagos Wildlife Adventure Cruise remains one of our most popular trips. We create a fully MTS-operated and expert-led adventure aboard small, deluxe yachts—limiting the group size to 16 to ensure that we cruise (and tread) lightly. We work closely with the Galápagos National Park Service; our expert guides are all certified Galápagos National Park Level III naturalists; and we even have an office in Quito, Ecuador, ensuring the best possible service for our guests. Our unsurpassed knowledge allows for an intimate journey of discovery through a real-life never-never land, with opportunities for hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and sea kayaking—all among magnificent wildlife and beautiful scenery. So join us for a scheduled departure, or give us the dates you’d like to travel and we’ll send you a fully customized itinerary!