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Mexico & Central America

Over the past 40 years, we've earned our rank as "Top 5 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth" from National Geographic Adventure by striving to create unique active adventures in México and Central America.

Award-winning Trips. Kayak, raft and hike your way through the playground of beaches, jungles and volcanoes in Costa Rica; snorkel in Baja in the sea coined the "aquarium of the world" by Jacques Cousteau, or come on a journey to Panama to discover its rich human history and diverse wildlife.

Exclusive Access. Program Director Alicia Zablocki was born in México City and travels extensively throughout Central America to craft unique adventures that offer insider access no other companies can match.

Choice Accommodations. After an inspiring day of hiking and watersports, recount your tales and recharge with a gourmet meal. Then, slumber in a variety of comfortable eco-chic to 5-star hotels, each hand-picked as the best in the area by MTS.

Ecotourism at its Finest. The world’s top ecotourist destinations are located right in Central America: Honduras’s coral reefs, manatee reserves, and mangrove lagoons; Nicaragua’s pristine rainforests; and Costa Rica’s plethora of jungles, hot springs, rivers, beaches and volcanos.

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