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The Adventure “Home Team”

Would you trust your trip of a lifetime to a company of people who aren’t at least as passionate about adventure as you are, if not more? Of course you wouldn't! Our elite staff of seasoned, worldy-wise travel professionals has been to every one of the seven continents, scaled some of the world’s highest peaks, rafted some of Earth’s most challenging rivers, and everything in between. Many were born and raised or have lived and worked abroad as well. They are your key to unlocking the wonders of adventure travel.

The Travel Experts

  • Alan Taylor

    Alan Taylor

    — Sales Manager

    Alan was born in Flagstaff, Arizona and is descended from some of the earliest European explorers of the American West. Alan got the adventure bug at age 10, when his family moved to Nome, Alaska, and he has been looking for new adventures ever since. Alan worked his way through college at the North Rim Lodge of the Grand Canyon. After college he spent time exploring every corner of the United States by plane, train, automobile, bus—even a bit of hitchhiking. He started working in the travel industry in Portland, Oregon, where he worked for a travel company that specialized in tour packages for travelers coming from Asia. He then worked for several years with a large national travel agency on both the leisure and corporate side. He has been a Sales Manager and trainer in call centers for the past several years and was excited to be given the opportunity to work with MTS. On most weekends you can find Alan exploring all the great things Northern California has to offer, from hiking or skiing in the Sierras to biking through wine country.

  • Alicia Zablocki

    Alicia Zablocki

    — Director of Latin America Progams

    Alicia was born in México City and began exploring the countries of Latin America as a teenager. On her first trip to South America, she fell in love with the wildlife and mysterious ruins of early civilizations. Alicia joined MTS in 1990, enticed by the company's reputation as the first tour operator to bring adventure groups to Peru and Patagonia. In the intervening years she has wandered every corner of her native continent in search of new and exciting adventures to share at MTS—from trekking in the cloud forests of Colombia to tracking wild jaguars in Brazil.

  • Allie Roqueta

    Allie Roqueta

    — Marketing Manager

    Born and raised in the coastal town of San Clemente, California, Allie has always been a beach baby. Her love for travel sparked when she did her first foreign exchange at thirteen, living with a local family in the rural village of Vijia in Costa Rica. Since then she's lived in Italy and Spain and backpacked throughout Europe. Allie studied Anthroplogy at Cornell University, where her interest in learning about different cultures inspired her to pursue a career in the travel industry. At MTS she wants to help inspire others to travel and gain a new perspective on life. If she's not planning her next adventure, Allie's either catching a wave at the nearest surf break, or snapping away at her camera!

  • Anne Wood

    Anne Wood

    — Director of Europe Programs

    Anne is a 3rd generation Italian and German American who has traveled throughout Europe—often in hiking boots—regularly for decades. Having explored over 30 countries in Western and Eastern Europe so far, Anne often jokes that she has seen more of Europe than most Europeans have. Anne has been working for MTS since 2001, and spends several weeks out of each year personally scouting and fine-tuning our European adventures. "Off duty" you'll find Anne consulting for USAID, speaking on behalf of the Breast Cancer Fund, or in the outdoors hiking, running, and mountain biking.

  • Chris Bettencourt

    Chris Bettencourt

    — Art Director

    Chris has been the "artsy" side of MTS since 1999, when he was lured out of a freelance graphic design and photography career by the promise of working for a company he "never imagined I'd have a chance to work with." He learned of MTS while running the photography gallery of a highly respected mountaineer and adventure photographer who had worked with MTS on numerous occasions, and was awestruck by the amazing world he saw in the pages of the MTS catalog! Working for MTS has given him the opportunity to travel most of the places on the "must go someday" list he compiled as a boy while reading through his father's steamer trunk full of National Geographic magazines. Chris has carted bags of film (and now memory cards!) to numerous countries on 6 of the 7 continents ("Australia, here I come!"), been to the top of Kilimanjaro and the bottom of the globe, and recently had the great fortune to marry his wife Denise in a very traditional Maasai wedding ceremony between Arusha, Tanzania and the Ngorongoro Crater. He recommends the experience highly!

  • Corinne Edwards

    Corinne Edwards

    — Adventure Coordinator for Asia & Director of Polar Programs

    Corinne is a born and raised Californian with a major case of wanderlust for the entire world. Before joining the team at MTS, Corinne was a travel agent for four years after completing a two-year Travel Careers Trade School in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been to many countries, mostly as a solo traveler, with outdoor adventure always in mind. An outdoor enthusiast with interests in foreign cultures and geography, some of her favorite experiences are from remote villages in Panama, the jungles of Borneo, the mountains of Peru, and on the Kalalau trail in Kauai.

  • Danilo Bonilla

    Danilo Bonilla

    — Director of North America, Galápagos, Costa Rica and Rivers Programs

    As former captain of the Costa Rica National Rafting Team, Danilo has barrelled down over 25 of the world's most famous whitewater rafting rivers including the Zambezi in Africa, Chile's Futaleufú, and the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho. Born and raised in Costa Rica, he discovered rafting while working as a guide after high school. Ever since then, he has been designing and running kayaking and rafting trips around the world. Danilo began guiding for MTS in 1995.

  • Frank Nguyen

    Frank Nguyen

    — Director of Online Marketing

    Frank is a San Francisco native whose love for nature began with exploring local parks and beaches. As a self-proclaimed naturalist, his philosophy has been that adventure can be found everywhere if you keep your eyes open. Frank’s deep fascination with natural history leads him to museums and aquariums in every city he visits. He enjoys hiking, camping, and can often be found at Ocean Beach on the weekends. Frank joins MTS with a decade of online marketing experience. He has driven a multitude of advertising and online sales programs for diverse clients ranging from finance and telecommunications to global brands such as Hello Kitty.

  • Gayle Price

    Gayle Price

    — Documents Specialist

  • Gisele Camozzi

    Gisele Camozzi

    — Controller

  • Jim Kennick

    Jim Kennick

    — Chief Financial Officer

  • John Baston

    John Baston

    — Special Operations for Alaska and North America

    A naturalist, former National Park ranger, and veteran Alaska guide, John brings an incredible wealth of hands-on experience and perspective to his job. The wilderness is where he feels most at home, having worked for the National Park Service in Yosemite, Glacier Bay, Mount Rainier, Kenai Fjords, Point Reyes and the Golden Gate.In addition to being a world-class guide, John is also an avid photographer and herpetologist, so if you're on a trip with John and see a snake or lizard you want to know more about, John is your man!

  • Julie McCormack

    Julie McCormack

    — Director of Asia Programs

    Julie is the newest member of the MTS family, joining us in May 2012 to fill the big shoes of retiring Asia Director Narendra Gurung. An avid traveler and lover of all things Asia, she jumped in with both feet and christened her new position by launching two exciting new trips in the Chinese frontier—Exploring Xinjiang's Ancient Cities and Camels, Mountains and Villages—drawing on her love of China gained during a year of living there! Julie likes to say that with each passing year, the list of places she does NOT want to visit grows smaller and smaller!

  • Justin Huff

    Justin Huff

    — Director of Africa, Middle East, and Polar Programs

    Justin comes to us from Florida where he was born and raised. During his college years, he spent a semester abroad living and working in Russia for an investor relations firm. After graduation, he had a brief stint working in Hungary before returning to the States, getting married and working full time. He knew early that his job was not a good fit, so he pursued his MBA as a full-time student. He was hired by a major tour operator as a Destination Specialist covering all regions across the globe. Justin’s first love was the Middle East, but he had his mind blown when he went to Africa for the first time. When offered the position of Program Director for Africa, Middle East, and Polar programs at Mountain Travel Sobek, Justin couldn’t refuse—and the rest is history. Now with his family on the West Coast, Justin is always looking for the next untouched tourist destination on the African continent and throughout the Middle East to share with his clients.

  • Kevin Callaghan

    Kevin Callaghan

    — President & CEO

    Kevin joined the Mountain Travel Sobek family in 2001, after 15 years as CEO of growth companies in online information services, direct marketing, health & wellness, branded lifestyle, and web-based businesses. Companies included Royal Robbins, international outdoor apparel; Krups USA, a healthy living and wellness search fund; and HotLinks, a precursor to today’s social media companies. He got his start in venture capital and mergers and acquisitions. In addition to manning the helm at MTS, Kevin is also active in the Young President's and World President's Organizations, and served as Northern California Chapter Education Chair in 2010-2011 as well as Chapter Chairman in 2011-2012.

    An insatiable traveler and adventurer, he is happiest when he is in the field. Kevin has been to 38 countries (including North Korea in 2012). He has trekked in Patagonia and the Himalaya, gone on wildlife safaris in East and Southern Africa, climbed Mount McKinley, run the Grand Canyon in a dory, and completed an Outward Bound educator’s program. He is also an avid sailor, and once worked on a charter yacht in French Polynesia as well as crewed on the winning sailboat in the Southern Ocean Racing Conference's Pineapple Cup.

    Kevin is married to Diann (also an inveterate traveler), has two sons, both in the film industry and also avid travelers, and he has a B.A. and M.B.A. from Stanford.

  • Laura Parent

    Laura Parent

    — Regional Specialist

    Salt water runs deep in Laura’s veins! Growing up in sunny South Florida, she was influenced by her father's career as a ship's officer and harbor pilot, and at 17 took her first job on the water, quickly realizing that working on boats would be her ticket to see the world. Achieving her captain's license at a young age, she has since logged over 20,000 nautical miles in offshore passages as crew or watch officer on boats ranging from traditional sailing schooners & racing yachts, to expedition ships, to pulling boats with no engines.

    Laura eventually dropped anchor in the SF Bay Area, where she is very happy heading up sales for MTS’s Alaska & North America, Galapagos, and Polar programs. An avid photographer & surfer, she has a degree in Ecology & Evolution and a penchant for marine mammals.

  • Monte Andreasen

    Monte Andreasen

    — Information Systems Manager

  • Paul Vesper

    Paul Vesper

    — Equipment Manager

  • Tanya Rinaldi

    Tanya Rinaldi

    — Director of Pacific Programs

    A native of Australia, Tanya has been designing and running adventure programs in the Pacific for over a decade. She is a true global explorer, with more than 50 countries under her belt and a commercial pilot's license to boot! Growing up in New Zealand and Australia instilled in Tanya a passion for all water sports, especially surfing and SCUBA diving. Her local expertise shines through in the breadth of unique adventures she has brought to the MTS line up.

  • Tara

    Tara "T" Kekaha

    — Regional Specialist

    A native of Berkeley, California, but with roots in Hawaii, T's first international trip was to Europe, where she still has many friends. She loves getting to know people, creating art, diving into rivers and oceans, and exploring the diversity of cultures in her position at MTS. She has lived in Thailand and has traveled in Russia, Peru, and the Galápagos. T loves the lushness and beauty of Southeast Asia, and always looks forward to her next adventure.

  • Tara Starr-Keddle

    Tara Starr-Keddle

    — Regional Specialist

    Tara has 14 years of travel industry experience in positions ranging from tour guide to volunteer in Ghana, Africa. She has traveled to over 45 countries—17 of which are in Europe—and has lived in both England and Spain. Her personal passions include hiking, camping, backpacking, running, kayaking, and traveling. Tara has been working for MTS in the Europe region since 2005, and travels every year on one of our trips so that she can give you accurate, detailed information to help you select the right adventure.


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