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At Mountain Travel Sobek, we work hard to make every trip a dream for you. In doing so, we start to dream some pretty great dreams ourselves! Here are some of the adventures that spark our imaginations...

Our Dream Trips

  • Costa Rica Adventure Monte Andreasen - IT Manager Costa Rica Adventure

    "Each morning, sitting on a beach chair several feet into the warm surf with a cup of fresh coffee in my hand, watching the sun come up. Serene inspiration at its best."

  • THE CORDILLERA BLANCA Chris Bettencourt - Art Director THE CORDILLERA BLANCA ~ Peru

    "If I had to pick one, it would be the Cordillera Blanca. The invigorating trekking, friendly people, and incomparable views of the high Andes are tough to beat!"

  • THE MIDDLE FORK OF THE SALMON RIVER Danilo Bonilla - International Rivers, North America, Costa Rica, and Galápagos Program Director THE MIDDLE FORK OF THE SALMON RIVER ~ Idaho

    "Over 2 million acres of continuous wilderness, awesome whitewater, and the best part—no cell phones!"


    "I like to get out there, truly in and of the elements, so the outer reaches of the Galápagos, the Great Walk of Africa, and the Snowman Trek top my list. Who can pick just one?"


    "Definitely Socotra. It's such a strange and exquisite place, and one that so few people know anything about. Proof positive that there are still new places out there to discover."

  • TREKKING THE PAINE CIRCUIT Julia Duncan - Marketing Content Coordinator TREKKING THE PAINE CIRCUIT ~ Chile

    "Give me Patagonia! With towering rock peaks, immense glaciers, and open grasslands, the vastness is simply incredible. I love epic hikes, and this is one of the very best."

  • test Anthea Engle - Adventure Coordinator ENGLAND COAST-TO-COAST ~ England

    "I just loved walking through the patchwork countryside, with its hedgerows and ancient stone walls. And let's not forget the local pub to relax and unwind from a perfect hike."

  • BHUTAN & NEPAL Mindy Goodman - Adventure Coordinator BHUTAN & NEPAL

    "Bhutan and Nepal are tied for my affections. I loved Bhutan's people and traditional dress. But I loved the view of the Himalayas more from Nepal. Both are wonderful!"

  • NEPAL SAMPLER Narendra Gurung - Asia Program Director NEPAL SAMPLER

    "This trip is a great way to experience what trekking in Nepal is all about, combined with rich culture and the fantastic wildlife of the Terai all in a short span of time."

  • HIDDEN MADAGASCAR Dylan Hiroms - Sales Expert, Africa HIDDEN MADAGASCAR

    "I have longed to see Madagascar since before I could pronounce it. Virgin rainforest, the glowing eyes of lemurs, the crags of Tsingys...I can't wait!"

  • Royal Rajasthan Trek Linda Andrews Ostro - Sales Expert, Asia Royal Rajasthan Trek ~ India

    "This trek is my dream: tracking leopards and meeting turbaned villagers by day, eating delicious curries and staying in desert palaces at night—a fantasy of exotic experiences!"

  • Great Parks of East Africa Vivien Pong - Accounting Great Parks of East Africa ~ Kenya & Tanzania

    "Our east African safari changed my life deeply. We were surrounded by wildlife and the guides were walking encyclopedia. Some say the air in Africa is addictive. I believe it."

  • test Nancy Rosenlund - Sales Expert, North & Central America THE Alsek & Tatshenshini RIVERS ~ Alaska

    "I love to get away from it all, and for that, these trips are perfect. Soaring peaks, gargantuan glaciers, mountain goats, wolves, and bears. Now, that's adventure travel."

  • Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda Laura Roundy - Polar Program Director Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

    "The lush scenery, the vibrancy of a people reconstructing their future, and the hair-tingling thrill of seeing real mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. With only 650 surviving, the time is now to save these incredible animals."

  • Venezuela's Roraima Karen Rusiniak - Sales Expert, Galápagos & South America Venezuela's Roraima

    "For years I've heard about the rare plants and animals of Venezuela's tepuis, so, as an avocational botanist, this misty climb through a living Jurassic Park is the trek for me!"

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina plus Montenegro Tara Starr-Keddle - Sales Expert, Europe & Pacific Bosnia & Herzegovina plus Montenegro

    "It's a privilege to explore an untouristed area where people are genuine, experiences are real, and the hiking—rugged mountains, deep gorges, pristine lakes—is unforgettable."

  • DISCOVER ALASKA Miranda Stockton - Adventure Coordinator DISCOVER ALASKA ~ Alaska

    "Seeing the whales swim next to the boat and listening to their song through the microphone under the water. Surreal experience."

  • THE GREAT WALK OF AFRICA Kota Tabuchi - Africa & Mideast Program Director THE GREAT WALK OF AFRICA

    "It's Africa the way it should be; rugged, remote and wild. Of the countless safaris I have done, this one tops the charts!"


    "I'll always cherish seeing an aurora borealis almost every night, riding my own team of sled dogs, and finishing off with a memorable night at the famous Ice Hotel."

  • hiker's patagonia Alicia Zablocki - Latin America Program Director hiker's patagonia

    "Who can ever forget Torres del Paine—the pristine air and watching glaciers calving before our eyes—one of our guides used to called it Caveman TV!"


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