• Southeast Alaska Wildlife Explorer

    The most comprehensive inn-to-inn wildlife adventure in Southeastern Alaska—perfect for families!

    Explore action-packed Southeast Alaska while staying inn-to-inn—no camping! We've crafted this trip to include our guests' favorite Alaskan activities: watching whales, full day tour of Glacier Bay National Park, trip to Anan Bear Sanctuary, hiking amidst alpine wildflowers, and myriad other active Alaskan adventures. 

    best times to go: July - August

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The most comprehensive inn-to-inn wildlife adventure in Southeastern Alaska—perfect for families!

Southeast Alaska’s largest protected habitats offer some of the most exciting nature and wildlife viewing opportunities in the world: Glacier Bay National Park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for abundant marine wildlife, stunning tidewater glaciers, and especially its humpback whales; and the Tongass National Forest, home to the largest population of bears in “Southeast” and the largest forest in the entire United States at 17 million acres! We have been pioneering adventure travel in Southeast since 1972, and this adventure is the best and most comprehensive of its kind—all at a relaxed pace! Watch 50-ton humpback whales at Point Adolphus along with porpoises, sea lions, seals, and a variety of sea birds. Put size into perspective riding a catamaran among icebergs and massive glaciers. Hike along meadows carpeted with wildflowers above the fjords of Juneau. Fly in a small plane to Wrangell Island for the rare spectacle of black and brown bears fishing for salmon together at Anan Bear Observatory. With so many off-the-charts experiences in one itinerary, why not bring the whole family?

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Easy-moderate hiking and easy wildlife viewing


  • Explore Southeast’s Alaska’s largest protected wildlife habitats, Glacier Bay National Park and the Tongass National Forest, with the adventure pioneers in "Southeast" since 1972!
  • Watch for humpback whales, porpoises, sea lions, sea otters, seals, and a variety of sea birds at Point Adolphus and have your camera poised and ready for bald eagles, bears, and moose in the Tongass!
  • Visit the remote Anan Bear Observatory and witness the rare spectacle of brown and black bears coming together at the river to fish for salmon
  • Ride a catamaran, a tram, and bush planes through pristine wilderness

Duration: 7 days Start Location: Juneau End Location: Juneau

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  • Inn_day_igstk_mendenhall
    Day 1 : Juneau

    Arrive in Juneau, Alaska's state capital, where we'll be staying in a hotel downtown. Juneau exudes frontier spirt with plenty of small town Explore this historic Alaskan city on your own before a pre-trip meeting with your guide and dinner this evening.

    LODGING: Goldbelt Hotel - Juneau, AK
  • Inn_day_istk_tongass
    Day 2 : Juneau – Tongass National Forest – Glacier Bay

    Juneau boasts one of the most extensive network of hiking trails in all of Alaska.  Today we hike the trails of our country's largest national forest, the Tongass.  We will experience the power and the beauty of the northwest temperate rain forest.  After a day of exploring the Tongass, we will transfer on small charter planes to the bush town of Gustavus, Alaska.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: Gustavus Inn - Gustavus, Alaska
  • Inn_day_istk_glacierbay
    Day 3 : Glacier Bay

    After an early breakfast, we board a high-speed catamaran boat with a park ranger, who will educate us about the geological wonders of the area. This all-day tour takes us to the farthest reaches of this spectacular park making stops for wildlife viewing along the way. Lunch is served aboard the catamaran. We’ll return to our lodge for another relaxing evening and a great dinner.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: Gustavus Inn - Gustavus, Alaska
  • Inn_day_istk_bubblenet
    Day 4 : Point Adolphus

    Today, we'll go to see the humpback whales at Point Adolphus by boat. Point Adolphus is the best place in all the North Pacific to have a chance to observe the endangered humpback whale. Every summer these giant creatures swim from Hawaii all the way across the ocean to feed on the rich marine resouces at this specific spot.  The protected north shore of Chichagof Island is a pardise for marine mammals and bald eagles.  Special conditions in the ocean currents make this one of Alaska's hottest wildlife zones.  Traveling by boat this day gives us the flexibilty to find where the wildlife is congregating and to observe them from the deck of a vessel. 

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: Stickine Inn - Wrangell, AK
  • Inn_day_istk_blkbear
    Day 5 : Wrangell

    Aside from the rich Native American heritage, Wrangell is also close to Anan Bear Observatory. This is the primary reason we visit  this out-of-the-way small Alaskan town. Anan Bear Observatory is one of the best places anywhere to watch bears. A very large run of Humback salmon draws bears from many miles away to feed at this spot.  It is very unusual to take in both Brown Bears (a.k.a. Grizzlies) and Black Bears in the same sweep of the eye.  This is one of a few place this is possible.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: Stickine Inn - Wrangell, AK
  • Fireweed_pink
    Day 6 : Alpine in the Tongass National Forest

    Fly to Juneau and hike into the alpine meadows above tree line. Life Zones are compressed in Alaska.  There are no more trees above 2500'.  From the charming downtown Juneau we hop aboard a tram that is operated by a Native American corporation and ride into the mountains.  We start our walk at the border of the trees and the alpine and soon we are in fields of wildflowers, above the fjords, and close to the tops of the mountains.  You may even get to play in some snow.   Aside from being the best place to look for different species of wildflowers this habitat is also home to many bird species and the elusive Hoary Marmot.  Tonight we enjoy a farewell dinner and spend one last night in Alaska's Capital city.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: Goldbelt Hotel - Juneau, AK
  • Inn_day_istk_3whales
    Day 7 : Depart from Juneau

    Today you are free to depart from Juneau at any time.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast
Download Detailed Itinerary

DATES: Best time to go: July - August Departures: Jul 17 - 23, 2015 Jul 24 - 30, 2015 Jul 31, 2015 - Aug 6, 2015 SOLD OUT Aug 7 - 13, 2015


2015 Prices
$4,095 + local tax (4-10 members)
$450 internal airfare
$1,350 single supplement

  • Goldbelt Hotel
    Juneau, AK

    The Goldbelt Hotel in downtown Juneau may offer excellent access to all that’s civilized in Alaska’s capital city, but you’re never far removed from what may trump civilization: the amazing natural backdrop.

    At seven stories high, the Goldbelt has a prime spot on Juneau’s waterfront.

    A free shuttle service is available from the Juneau Airport

  • Gustavus Inn
    Gustavus, Alaska

    Gustavus Inn is a historic homestead in the center of activities in Glacier Bay National Park. For three generations now, the Lesh family invites visitors to share their home, hearth and table for adventures in Glacier Bay and Icy Strait

    Gustavus Inn rests in the grassy Salmon River meadow with an ocean view of Icy Strait. Our cozy hearth room, naturalist library and family style dining invite conversation and new friendships.

  • Stickine Inn
    Wrangell, AK

    The Stikine Inn is now a 100% non-smoking facility. Many of the rooms are newly remodeled, and we have some of the most comfortable mattresses in the state.

    All the rooms have expanded cable and HBO, in-room coffee makers, and clean, well-lit bathrooms.

    They offer the best views of any lodging on Wrangell Island. The mountainside rooms have a beautiful view of Mt Dewey and the historic United States Post Office building.  The oceanside rooms offer breathtaking views of ocean, mountains, and sea life.

    The views from the rooms are a panorama of unspoiled beauty, local culture, and natural landscapes. Between the mountains, the ocean, and the totems on the Post Office lawn, you can get a fair cross-section of local life from your windows.

Properties shown are representative of the accommodations we use on this trip, may not be inclusive of all accommodations we use, and are subject to change.

Expert leadership is the key to an exciting, unforgettable experience. Our trips feature gifted leaders for whom leading trips is a true vocation. Besides showing you wonders you’d never find on your own, they make sure everything runs smoothly and safely without a hitch. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of your trip, and take great pleasure in sharing their insights with you. More than just guides, they positively elevate your experience by being teachers, companions, and the best of friends. You’ll be in good hands with them every step of the way.

photo credits: ©John Baston, MTS Photo File


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