• Sweden: West Coast Hiking & Kayaking

    Discover the idyllic islands and rugged fjords of Sweden’s Bohuslän coast.

    Join us on an adventure that offers a mix of easy kayaking and hiking in West Sweden´s charming coastal landscape. From the green and lush inner archipelago, along the fiordlandscape, to the barren outer coast with rocky islands and historic fishing communities, we'll focus on eco-friendly activities, excellent local cuisine and comfortable accommodation. We'll explore islands and shores, watch for local wildlife, and learn about history and local culture along the way. 

    best times to go: May - June, August

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    UK & The Far North

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Discover the idyllic islands and rugged fjords of Sweden’s Bohuslän coast.

Discover the idyllic islands and rugged fjords of Sweden’s Bohuslän coast on this kayaking and hiking adventure. Beginning in Gustafsberg, Sweden’s oldest seaside resort, you’ll paddle through one of the most remote, yet accessible kayaking regions in the world. Explore the sheltered coves of Nordströmmarna, famous for its bird life, and navigate the maze of islands off the coast of Orust. Spot wildlife on hikes through pristine nature reserves, and visit postcard-pretty fishing villages that have hardly changed for centuries. Cap off your active days with charming, comfortable accommodations and deliciously fresh local seafood. Add a day of culture in up-and-coming Gothenburg, and you’ll see why West Sweden is one of Europe’s most exciting new destinations.


4 Days easy to moderate kayaking, 4 days easy hiking, and 1 days touring.


  • Explore a kayaker’s paradise on this eco-friendly itinerary crafted just for MTS
  • Visit the 13th-century fishing village of Gullholman and the ancient abbey at Dragsmark
  • Hike and paddle through the remote islands and secluded inlets of the Gothenburg archipelago

Duration: 10 days Start Location: Gothenburg End Location: Gothenburg

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  • Day 1 : Arrive in Gothenburg

    Arrive in Gothenburg, Sweden. We'll check in to our centrally located hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring parts of Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. On our city stroll, we'll pass Feskekörka, formerly a cathedral, and now a famous sea food market, before we check out the picturesque and much loved area of Haga. Dinner tonight is at one of Gothenburg’s best restaurants.

  • Day 2 : Världskulturmuséet – Gustafsberg

    After breakfast we'll explore Gothenburg a little more and visit Världskulturmuséet, the museum of world culture, the city’s most recent and contemporary museum, situated in a part of the city quite different to what we visited yesterday. After lunch at one of Gothenburg’s restaurants, we'll transfer to Gustafsberg, an historic seaside resort outside of Uddevalla, 50 miles north along the coast. We'll check in at the charming seaside hotel, explore the beautiful surroundings on foot, and have dinner with sea views at the cosy Café Snäckan. (Transfer distance: 50 miles, 1 hour.)

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Kayakers_kayaking
    Day 3 : Kayak at Hjältön Island

    After breakfast at Café Snäckan in Gustafsberg we'll have be outfitted with the proper kayaking equipment needed for the week. After a brief instruction we'll transfer to Bokenäs Hav Spa & Möten, where we'll check in and have lunch.  In the afternoon we'll enjoy our first paddle around Hjältön Island. This pine covered island hides sandy beaches, high cliffs and a traditional island farm with cows and horses grazing along the west side of the island’s shore. With sharp eyes and a bit of luck we might spot peregrine falcons in the vicinity of the bird reserve across the fiord. (Transfer Distance:  19 miles; Paddling distance: 4.5 miles)  

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Day 4 : Explore Bassholmen Island

    After a good breakfast at our hotel, we'll pack up our kayaks and set out on the water again for a paddle along Koljöfjorden and into the narrow and picturesque Nordströmmarna, a favorite area for avid kayakers. We'll stop for lunch on the adorable island of Bassholmen, where we'll go for a walk before continuing on to the charming Kärlingesunds Gård, or unique and charming eco-accommodation for the evening.  All have access to a communal kitchen, a shared shower and composting toilet facilities. During our paddling we'll have good chances of spotting rare sea birds, such as eiders, gulls, terns and cormorants. Nordströmmarna is also an area well known for grey heron. (Paddling distance: 5 miles)

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Day 5 : Hiking in the Bokenäs Peninsula

    Today we'll trade in our kayaks for hiking boots and hike the coastal trail around Bokenäs/Dragsmark. After breakfast, we'll set off for a loop trail in varied scenery that takes through the waterways of both Koljöfjorden and Nordströmmarna as well as a multitude of flora. Our trails takes us through the beautiful nature reserve of Kärlingesund and passes the historic remnants of Dragsmark’s old convent. After our hike, we'll have time for a swim in the salty waters or just relax in the pretty surroundings dinner at the hotel. (Hiking distance:  6 miles.)

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Kayaker-e
    Day 6 : Kayaking from Kärlingesund to Fiskebäckskil

    After breakfast in the garden (weather permitting), we'll pack up our kayaks and continue our paddling through Nordströmmarna, hugging the shores of the island of Skaftö through the entrance to Gullmarn, Sweden’s largest fiord. Eventually we'll reach Hotel Gullmarsstrand, situated in the picturesque community of Fiskebäckskil. Here our sauna awaits us with splendid views of the small town of Lysekil on the other side of the fiord.  Before dinner, we'll enjoy a walk along narrow lanes that wind their way between the beautifully restored old wooden houses of the community of Fiskebäckskil. (Paddling distance:  5 miles.)

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Kayaker
    Day 7 : Visit the Island of Käringön

    Today we'll rest our kayaking muscles and exchange the time in the cock pit  for a day of island sightseeing. After a good breakfast we'll transfer to Orust Island where we'll catch a ferry to the island of Käringön. Käringön is located at the outer band of islands with fabulous horizon views and a charming, picturesque fishing community. We'll explore the island on foot, walking through its narrow streets and footpaths, over the barren gneiss rocks. Lunch is a tasty feast of freshly caught crayfish.  (Walking distance: 2.5 miles.)

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Day 8 : Island Explorations

    Today will be a fabulous day of kayaking from Edshultshall on the west side of Orust, navigating northwest, to an amazing area with a maze of islands south of the nature reserve of Hermanö. We'll have a 'wild lunch' on the sandy beach at Champagne Bay before continuing another way back to Edshultshall. While kayaking, we'll enjoy the scenery of marvelous rock formations that the area offers, as well as curious harbor seals basking on the rocks.  Dinner tonight is at the charming Mia’s Boathouse, Hällevikstrand. (Padding distance: 10 miles.)

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Day 9 : Hiking Hermanö

    Today is a day in our hiking shoes instead of the kayaks. We'll explore the island of Hermanö, just north of where we visited with our kayaks yesterday. A ferry ride will take us to the start of our hiking trail, in one of the oldest and most densely built up fishing villages on the coast, Gullholmen, dating back to the 13th century. Our hiking trail around the island offers an amazing variety of vegetation and scenery. We'll enjoy a 'wild lunch' again with great sea views, before returning back to Gullholmen again where we'll have a seafood dinner at one of the charming seaside restaurants. (Hiking distance:  8 miles.)

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Day 10 : Farewell

    After breakfast, we'll transfer to Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg for departure flights homeward.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast
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DATES: Best time to go: May - June, August Departures: May 25, 2015 - Jun 3, 2015 Jun 8 - 17, 2015 Aug 17 - 26, 2015 Aug 31, 2015 - Sep 9, 2015


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