• Malaysian Borneo Adventure: Following the Footprints of the Orangutans

    Hike untouched jungles in search of orangutans in the world’s oldest rainforest

    Challenge yourself to a vigorous exploration of the rainforests of Borneo in search of the endanged Bornean orangutan. Climb to the top of Mt. Kinabalu, visit a local forest restoration project, soak up the sun at picturesque beaches, and enjoy canopy walks through Danum Valley.

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    Southeast Asia

    Moderate to Strenuous
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Hike untouched jungles in search of orangutans in the world’s oldest rainforest

If you crave something new—and lots of it—head to Borneo. It’s hard to top more than 1,200 species of orchids, the oldest rainforest in the world, and at least 44 species of endemic mammals (Bornean orangutans, clouded leopards, Asian pygmy elephants, the Sumatran rhinoceros, and the Bornean gibbon, to name a few). From the top of Mt. Kinabalu we’ll watch the sun rise over Borneo’s sprawling rainforests, mountain woods, and mangrove jungles. This trip is for adventurous MTS travelers—our 12-day journey includes challenging treks through jungles and mountain terrain, as well as travel by boat and land vehicles. We’ll spend nights in remote eco-lodges, and have a chance to visit a local forest restoration project. We’ll soak up some sun at Borneo’s beautiful beaches, and take canopy walks through untouched Danum Valley. Always on the lookout, of course, for the region’s most well-known resident—the endangered Bornean orangutan.


11 days of exploring rainforest by foot, boat, and vehicle; 2 days of optional strenuous hiking (max. 13,700') to Mt. Kinabalu.


  • Watch the sunrise over Danum Valley as the clouds part and the forest comes to life
  • Experience an untouched primary rainforest and its wildlife (including orangutans)—by day and night
  • Observe animals by boat as they come to cool off and sip the Kinabatangan River at dusk
  • Ascend to the top of Mt. Kinabalu—the view will take your breath away!

Duration: 12 days Start Location: Sandakan End Location: Kota Kinabalu

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BRIEF Itinerary
  • Bor_2012itinday1
    Day 1 : Sandakan, Sabah

    Arrive in Sandakan, Sabah.

  • Bor_2012itinday_hornbill
    Day 2 : Sepilok Forest Reserve

    Morning drive to Danum Valley, where we'll begin exploration of the rainforest. (5 hours driving, 2 hours hiking)

  • Slow_loris_sabah_malaysia_borneo
    Day 3 : Danum Valley

    Spend the day exploring the valley, including a hike to waterfalls, and enjoy a night safari.

  • Danum_valley_forest_borneo_sabah_malaysia
    Day 4 : Danum Valley

    Another day to explore the valley.

  • Bor_2012itinday_platform
    Day 5 : Kinabatangan River

    Drive to the Kinabatangan River, take a hike, then a dusk river cruise, before an evening walk to hunt for nocturnal wildlife.

  • Bor_2012itinday6
    Day 6 : Kinabatangan River

    Drive to Kinabatangan River for a river cruise to our eco camp.

  • Mt_kinabalu_sabah_malaysia_borneo
    Day 7 : Head to Mt. Kinabalu (5,900')

    We drive to Mt. Kinabalu and have a short walk before we prepare for our hike.

  • Day 8 : Ascend Mt. Kinabalu (10,738')

    Start hiking up Mt. Kinabalu

  • Bor_2012itinday9
    Day 9 : Summit Mt. Kinabalu (13,435')

    Hike to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu (13,435') then descend for an afternoon of rest.

  • Bor_2012itinday11
    Day 10 : Kota Kinabalu

    Rest day to enjoy the beach.

  • Day 11 : Kota Kinabalu

    Day to relax and explore Kota Kinabalu.

  • Day 12 : Departure

    Depart Borneo.

Download Detailed Itinerary

DATES: Best time to go: May, August Departures: May 3 - 14, 2014 Aug 16 - 27, 2014


2014 Prices

$4,795 (9-12 members)
$5,195 (4 - 8 members)

$800 single supplement

Rates quoted are per person, based on sharing double accommodations.

If you prefer single accommodations, you must pay the Single Supplement Fee. If you’re traveling alone and wish to share accommodations, we’ll try our best to find you a roommate. If that’s not possible, we will only charge you half of the single supplement.

  • The Nak Hotel

    The Nak Hotel is a boutique style hotel in the heart of the city with nice rooms and a beautiful rooftop restaurant.

  • The Borneo Rainforest Lodge
    Danum Valley

     The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is a 5 star resort with private bungalows, beautiful views from each room, and a soaking tub on the lanai.

  • Shangri La's Rasa Ria Resort

    Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort is the premier luxury resort in Kota Kinabalu that offers the best of Sabah in a lush, 400-acre tropical setting beside exquisite Pantai Dalit Beach.

Properties shown are representative of the accommodations we use on this trip, may not be inclusive of all accommodations we use, and are subject to change.

Expert leadership is the key to an exciting, unforgettable experience. Our trips feature gifted leaders for whom leading trips is a true vocation. Besides showing you wonders you’d never find on your own, they make sure everything runs smoothly and safely without a hitch. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of your trip, and take great pleasure in sharing their insights with you. More than just guides, they positively elevate your experience by being teachers, companions, and the best of friends. You’ll be in good hands with them every step of the way.

  • Charlie Ryan

    Charlie grew up between Hawaii and California. He has had a passion for outdoor adventures, traveling, and nature his entire life. He is particularly fascinated by the ecology of tropical rainforests. Hawaii's lush jungles first caught his attention, Central America’s rainforests broadened his horizons and, finally, he found Borneo. Well-rounded in the ecology of the Bornean rainforest, he is experienced with species identification of mammals, birds, amphibians, and snakes. He has strong leadership abilities and is comfortable in any situation. He is certified in Wilderness First Aid and has a good understanding of wilderness survival. Charlie has lived in Borneo for the last three years, working with different local communities, and he spent nine months working with Mescot (www.mescot.org), a community-based forest restoration project in the Lower Kinabatangan Floodplain. He then worked with NGOs doing humanitarian work with an indigenous group called the Penan. He speaks Bahasa Malay and has strong connections with people working to save this beautiful region. Charlie looks forward to meeting you and sharing this adventure with you.

photo credits: ©Charles Ryan


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May 3 - 14, 2014 Aug 16 - 27, 2014

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