• Patagonia by Air, Land and Water

    Ultimate multi-activity and wildlife adventure in virgin Chilean Patagonia

    Explore the fjords and lakes of Chilean Patagonia on this exciting multi-activity and wildlife adventure, while traveling in style aboard the luxurious river cruiser M/V Atmosphere.

    best times to go: January - March, November - December

    departures: No group departures scheduled. Private departures are available on the dates of your choice, pending availablity. Call us for details.

    pricing: from $11,300 see detailed pricing


Also great as a private trip. Call for details

Ultimate multi-activity and wildlife adventure in virgin Chilean Patagonia

Each day, choose from an array of active excursions in the pristine and beautiful region south of Puerto Montt. Using our own fleet of jet boats, zodiacs,skiffs, and even a private helicopter, we are able to penetrate the most remote areas (places almost untouched by humans!) to fish, kayak, hike, and enjoy birdwatching. Fishermen can expect to find several trout and salmon species in the region's rivers and lakes, and wildlife watchers will look for several species of dolphin and whales, as well as penguins and many other birds, plus a rich variety of plant life on forest hikes. At the end of every eventful day, return to the intimate and luxurious surroundings of our 14-cabin luxury cruise ship and enjoy relaxation and fabulous cuisine.


Easy cruising, wildlife viewing, fly fishing, kayaking, hiking


  • Experience the unmatched pristine natural beauty of Chilean Patagonia
  • Daily fly fishing and wildlife excursions, using a fleet of boats and even a private helicopter to get us to the most remote places
  • Enjoy top standards of comfort and service aboard the luxury river cruise ship M/V Atmosphere

Duration: 8 days Start Location: Puerto Montt, Chile End Location: Puerto Montt, Chile

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  • 15_3_2012_auchemo_pipe-4
    Day 1 : Arrive in Puerto Montt and board M/V Atmosphere

    Arrive this afternoon in Puerto Montt and be transfered to Nomads Club house.  Meet your fellow travelers. Transfer to the ship and enjoy a welcome toast and a trip briefing before dinner and a review of the activities for the next days.

    Note 1: The navigational and first day schedules are tentative, since the ship will navigate once all invited guests are confirmed and on board. In the case that the ship sets sail later than scheduled this will have a minor effect on the next day planning and excursions.
    Note 2: The estimated time of navigation will depend on the weather conditions and currents.
    Note 3: The schedules and day activities and excursions are always subject to weather conditions and availability.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: M/V Atmosphere
  • 11_02_08_tic-toc_inuit_burucker-88
    Day 2 : Tic Toc Bay

    Wake up at Tic Toc bay surrounded by northern views of the magnificent Corcovado volcano and its beautiful untouched national park. An always green costal forest where the Coihue, Ulm and olivillo trees dominate the area is perfect for sightseeing. The abrupt geography with an abundant amount of cold pristine rivers, breathtaking lakes and unexplored lagoons is complemented by a strong unleveled zone and a majestic view of the Andes mountain ranges and snowed volcanoes.  Fly fishing activities take place in Campanario lagoon, Jimena and other beautiful locations this area.

    There is a strong chance of sighting some Magellan penguin colonies, sea lions, dolphins and typical birds in this area. Helicopter transportation to close by glaciers for trekking and hiking activities is possible. In this area there are some privileged landscapes for photography. Tic Toc is without a doubt zone worth visiting.

    Return to the Atmosphere to enjoy all on board activities and the exquisite cuisine prepared with

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: M/V Atmosphere
  • _12e9381_small
    Day 3 : Puerto Escondido

    Near Bahia Tic Toc is Puerto Escondido, a wonderful place in Patagonia where you can find a big amount of endemic birds, sea lion colonies, penguins, dolphins and more!

    Enjoy fascinating lectures regarding the area while photography lovers will not stop taking pictures.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 16_03_2012_leptepu_ignaciosoffia-47_small
    Day 4 : Auchemó (Chaitén)

    Sip your morning coffee while glancing at the beautiful view of the Auchemó Bay with its amazing natural scenery: the Puntiagudo volcano and its glaciers and the Andes Mountain Range. Trekking near glaciers, volcanoes and lagoons. Bird watching in some high areas of the steep forest, helicopter flights, snacks, and gourmet field lunches in the middle of this breath tacking landscape.
    Fly fishing take place in Cesar lagoon, White river and other astounding locations of this pristine Patagonian area.
    Also in this zone, heli-kayak through the Corcovado River is an option; you can paddle next to endemic dolphins, sea lions and coastal birds. Sightseeing can be done by helicopter over pure waters and possibly near the Chaitén area, to glimpse at the recently active volcano.

    Auchemó is known in southern Chile for its great wildlife potential and for its snow peaked mountains. We shall remain in this zone for two days due to all the amazing activities available in this area.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
    LODGING: M/V Atmosphere
  • 1011-copy_small
    Day 5 : Piti Palena

    This area is surrounded by the magnificent Andes Mountain Range and composed by big slopes and valleys.
    Fly Fishing activities take place on the beautiful Palena river, Rodriguez Lagoon and other amazing locations in this area.
    In this area wildlife adventurers can enjoy watching birds from this area of Patagonia, dolphin watching, half day trekking excursions, kayak expeditions and relax in natural hot springs.

    For all these activities the group will be divided according to the available options and personal interests. Excursions can be half day or whole day and lunches on board or in the field will depend on these activities.

    After a great day of fly fishing and of wildlife adventures enjoy our hot tubs, Sauna and Jacuzzi on board while having a cocktail and some exquisite appetizers.
    When dinner time comes you will enjoy the unforgettable flavors prepared exclusively for Nomads by renowned chef Guillermo Rodriguez. When coffee time comes, relive the precious moments of your daily excursions by watching the slide show prepared by the guides with the best pictures of the day.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 130218045_small
    Day 6 : Auchemó and Palvitat

    Today's actitvities are similar to previous days.  Among those are fly fishing; bird watfching; dolphin watching, possible approximation to sea lions and penguin colonies, kayaking and trekking. 

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 20_02_202_trekking_christian-1_small
    Day 7 : Porcelana/Leptepú

    Start your day with the delicious breakfast buffet while enjoying the view of the Cahulemó bay. In this zone you can observe big sea lion colonies, some of them in danger of being extinct and typical austral birds of Patagonia.

    Slide down the untouched mountains of the Andes Mountain range while enjoying of the exclusive view that only a few have had the privilege of watching.

    In this area you can trek to the “dead volcano”, kayak to the sea lion colonies, visit a marvelous waterfall and relax in natural hot springs while enjoying some of the best Chilean wines and a delicious cocktail.

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Nom_2013_247_of_447_small
    Day 8 : Puerto Montt

    After an early check out we'll transfer to the airport or your hotel.  End of services

    INCLUDED MEALS: Breakfast
Download Detailed Itinerary

DATES: Best time to go: January - March, November - December Departures: No group departures scheduled. Private departures are available on the dates of your choice, pending availablity. Call us for details.


2014 - 2015
Saturday - weekly departures (need minimum of 8 travelers to operate)
Rates are per person
Rates include all local taxes. V.A.T. is 19%

$11,300 Deluxe Cabin (Twin or King)
$14,690 Premium Cabin (King)

$14,690 Single Deluxe Cabin
$19,097 Single Premium Cabin

  • M/V Atmosphere

    16-cabin luxury river cruiser, complete with helipad and its own fleet of baots for unparalleled access to the rivers, lakes, glaciers and forests of Chilean Patagonia.

Properties shown are representative of the accommodations we use on this trip, may not be inclusive of all accommodations we use, and are subject to change.

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