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Ever since Mountain Travel Sobek took its first footsteps into the remote kingdom of Nepal in 1969, we have traveled with a natural curiosity, an open mind, and with a deep respect for the cultures we encounter. For many, one of the most inspiring aspects of travel is encountering cultures very different from our own.

Award-winning Cultural Tours. MTS trips are designed specifically to allow you to experience and interact with a different culture. We travel to some of the most exciting and colorful festivals in West Africa, attend an annual camel fair in Rajasthan, have tea with sherpas in the Himalaya, and learn about traditional lifestyles in rural China.

Mingle with Real Locals. In our forty years of traveling the world, we've formed bonds with locals in remote destinations. In Tanzania, our guides will introduce you to Maasai villagers—personal friends in many cases—who live today much as their ancestors did for generations. In India, you'll meet the real life king of the Naga tribe and partake in their rich tradition of singing and weaving.

Don't Miss the Festivals. We've timed our trips around the most amazing cultural festivals in the world. Don't miss the lively festivals of Bhutan, including the magnificent Tsechu religious festival, where elaborately costumed dancers perform masked dance-dramas. In the Scottish Highlands, visit the Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival, an annual musical celebration of military drum performances that date back to the 18th century.

Taste Authentic Foods. In México, learn the secrets of Baja cuisine from a well-known local chef and participate in a hands-on cooking class in her traditional outdoor kitchen. In Turkey, shop colorful spice markets and bazaars and dine on authentic Turkish cuisine. In Morocco, follow the almond bloom and enjoy fresh seafood on the beaches of Essaouira's walled city.

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