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Europe River Rafting Tours

Join us in Georgia for our 50th-anniversary celebration on the Rioni River, which runs through the scenic landscapes of the Caucasus. Enjoy six days of Class III+ rafting on four different rivers—the Rioni River, the Aragvi River, the Kura River, and the Tskhenistskali River—and visit many attractions in between. Includes Stalin’s birthplace and Vardzia caves to the old towns of Kutaisi and Tbilisi. Discover the best rivers in Georgia with MT Sobek’s expert river guides.

We Are Committed to Conservation

MT Sobek is proud to work with local guides and outfitters around the globe who are committed to following Leave No Trace principles and exploring the outdoors responsibly. Everywhere we go, we seek to drive awareness of fragile ecosystems to help support their long-term sustainability.

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