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Commitment to Sustainability

One of the great joys we experience at Mountain Travel Sobek is that you, our valued guests, often get inspired to help the people and places you visit after your MTS adventure. Many of you decide to sponsor a student, donate funds to local health clinics, or contribute to other worthwhile projects. Besides doing our part in the field in order to preserve and sustain the world's unique cultures and delicate environments, we are proud to support a number of worthy organizations that contribute to the betterment of societies around the world. You'll find many of these organizations listed below and on the pages of our catalog.


Alaska Conservation Foundation

Alaska Conservation Foundation works to ensure that Alaska's inspiring and extraordinary wilderness will retain their beauty and viability for generations to come. Mountain Travel Sobek supports the ACF through corporate membership and through donations from our guests to Alaska Discovery's "Dollar-a-Day" program. (


The American Himalayan Foundation

Mountain Travel Sobek is a proud longtime supporter of the American Himalayan Foundation. One of the foundation's major initiatives is the restoration of ancient monasteries in Mustang and training local artisans to continue the work themselves. Nuns and monks receive a traditional education to ensure the monasteries continue to maintain the old ways. AHF also provides a safe and nourishing environment for children in Mustang while their parents work in the fields. (


Galapagos Conservancy

Mountain Travel Sobek is proud to support the Galapagos Conservancy by making an annual conservation investment to its Santiago Society program. Galapagos Conservancy is dedicated exclusively to the long-term protection of the Galapagos Islands, and collaborates closely with the Charles Darwin Foundation, the Galapagos National Park, and a multitude of other institutions that are committed to the conservation of the entire archipelago. (


The Fund For The Tiger

The Fund For The Tiger works to help prevent the extinction of one of the world's most magnificent animals by providing support for work in Asia to protect the tiger and to help maintain a level of public awareness of the magnitude of this problem. MTS has been supporting this program through an annual "giving back" trip, Save the Tiger. Together with our guests, we have raised over $140,000, and the Fund itself has put over $990,000 into the field to help preserve wild tigers in India and Nepal! (


Tourism Cares

We give back with Tourism Cares, our industry’s community for giving and volunteering. Together we bring the industry's talent, resources and influence to help destinations in need worldwide, and to support the next generation of travel professionals. Mountain Travel Sobek staff have also worked with Tourism Cares to support local neighborhood projects, such as plant restoration in Oakland's Lake Merritt area and maintenance at Children's Fairyland. (


The Wilderness Wildlife Trust

Through our partners in southern Africa, we contribute to The Wilderness Wildlife Trust, an organization that addresses the needs of existing wildlife populations, seeks solutions to save endangered species, and provides education and training for local people and their communities. Current projects include rhino relocation and reintroduction in Botswana, anti-poaching efforts in Zimbabwe, rural school projects, and "Children in the Wilderness," a program that aspires to educate the youth of Africa and help them to appreciate and protect their magnificent natural heritage. A portion of the proceeds of each Botswana Flying Safari, Botswana Green Season Safari, and Classic Botswana Safari departure is contributed to the Trust. (

From the 1970 Mountain Travel Catalog

A different kind of travel organization, Mountain Travel (USA) has been established through the combined interests of mountaineers-explorers Barry Bishop, Leo Le Bon, and Allen Steck–all members of the American Alpine Club, Sierra Club, and other organizations, for the purpose of creating backcountry wilderness trips where foot travel is the only means of access. Emphasis is on genuine exploration of the many remote areas of our planet that fortunately have not yet been touched by modern civilization or commercial development. Many of these wild and beautiful places need protection, which can only be accomplished through awareness by enlightened citizens.”