Morocco Adventure Tours

We’ve been exploring Morocco since 1975, and no other adventure travel company offers a more authentic experience. Our Morocco adventure tours are carefully crafted to be both immersive and unforgettable, from the tagine-laden tables of Casablanca to a luxury retreat in the heart of the Sahara Desert. Two of our most popular Morocco adventure tours: our signature camel trek through the vast dunes of the Sahara; and a classic hiking expedition in the rugged High Atlas Mountains. As always, our expert trip leaders share their insiders’ perspective as you journey through bazaars and among lush oases to your Berber-inspired desert camps.

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Earthquake Update & Ways to Support the Community

In light of the recent September 2023 earthquake in Morocco, our hearts go out to everyone impacted by this devastating event. At Mountain Travel Sobek, we believe in the power of community and meaningful action. That’s why we’re pledging a $5,000 match to the High Atlas Foundation, an organization committed to the region’s long-term resilience and well-being. We stand by Morocco, and we’ll continue to run our trips there, observing the highest safety protocols as always. Let’s not forget, tourism is a lifeblood industry for the country, serving as a vital source of income and employment for countless families. By continuing our adventures in Morocco, we’re not just giving our travelers an unparalleled experience; we’re contributing to a broader narrative of recovery and sustainability. Our commitment to this remarkable destination is steadfast, and we invite you to join us in making a meaningful difference.

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