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Our Trips

Africa Adventure Travel | Safaris & Hiking
Angola Adventure Travel Tours
Botswana Adventure Tours Safaris
Angola Expedition Adventure Tours
Plan an Epic Botswana Safari Trip For Your Family
Egypt Adventure Tours
Enjoy This Incredible Trip Through Classic Egypt
Ethiopia Adventure Tours, Travel and Cultural Discovery
Ethiopia Simien Mountains Hiking Adventure Tours
Kenya Adventure Travel Tours Hiking Safari
Madagascar Adventure Tours
Madagascar Baobabs & Lemurs Active Safari Private Adventure
Morocco Adventure Tours Hiking Trekking| MT Sobek
Morocco Camels & Casbahs Hiking Adventure Tours
Morocco High Atlas Mountain Trekking Tours
Namibia Adventure Tours
Namibia Wildlife & Dunes Safari Adventure Tours
Rwanda Adventure Tours Travel Safari Hiking
Rwanda Primate Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
South Africa, Adventure Tours Safari Hiking
South Africa Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Sudan, Adventure Guide Travel Tours | Hike, Trek| MT Sobek
Hidden Treasures of Sudan with Richard Bangs |MT Sobek
Tanzania Adventure Tours & Safari | Voted Best Adventure Travel Company
Epic East African Safari Vacation
Kilimanjaro Climb & Summit Hike | Mountain Travel Sobek
Tanzania Safari Tours | Serengeti Africa
Uganda Gorilla Treks, Adventure Tours and Travel
Uganda Gorilla Trekking | Uganda Gorilla Safari
Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari Adventure Tours & Travel
Zimbabwe Safari Adventure Tour and Travel

Asia Adventure Tours

Afghanistan Adventure Tours & Travel
Bhutan Adventure Tours, Cultural Tours and Travel
Bhutan Bumthang Owl Trek Adventure Tours
Bhutan Chomolhari Trek Adventure Travel & Tours
Bhutan Trekking Tours | Trekking in Bhutan
Borneo Adventure Tour, Family Vacation and Travel
Borneo Family Adventure Tours, Vacations & Travel
Borneo Rainforests & Villages Wildlife Safari Tours
Unforgettable Cambodia Adventures, Tours & Travel
China Adventures Tours Trekking K2 Himalaya Travel
China Villages Hiking Adventure Tours & Travel
China’s Middle Kingdom Yosemite Sister Trek
India Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
India Royal Rajasthan & Pushkar Camel Fair Tours| MT Sobek
India Secrets of Kashmir Multi-Adventure Tours
India Sikkim: Kanchenjunga Ridge Trek
Indonesia Adventure Tour &Travel | Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat Indonesia Snorkeling Tours & Travel
Japan Adventure Tours & Travel | Hiking Walking| MT Sobek
Japan Kyoto to Tokyo Walking Adventure Tours
Sacred Lakes Mountains of Northern Japan Tours
Laos Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Highlights of Laos Private Adventure Tours Travel
Mongolia Adventure Travel & Tours Treks| MT Sobek
Mongolia Cultural Discovery Adventure Tours
Private Mongolian Adventure Tour Hiking, Horses
Mongolia Horse Trek Tour and Adventure Trip
Nepal Trekking Adventure Tours | Mountain Travel Sobek
Save Nepal’s Bengal Tiger – Book Your Trip Today!
Nepal Ancient Passes Trek Adventure Travel & Tours
Everest Base Camp Trek & Hiking Tour | Mountain Travel Sobek
Hiking in Nepal | Everest Trek | Mountain Travel Sobek
Nepal Mystical Mustang Trek Adventure Tours
Pakistan Adventure Tours and Travel
Pakistan K2 Base Camp Trek
Tajikistan Adventure Travel Tours
Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Trek |MT Sobek
Thailand Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Thailand Rainforest to Sea Family Adventure Tours
Tibet Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet Himalayan Hiking Tours
Turkmenistan Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Uzbekistan Adventure Travel & Tours
Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan Silk Road Cultural Tour
Vietnam Adventure Travel Tours
Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam Indochine Cultural Tours

Central Latin South America Adventure Travel & Tours

Costa Rica Adventure Tours Raft, Kayak & Hike
Machu Picchu Inn-to-Inn Trek Trip
Argentina Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Brazil Adventure Tours & Travel | Hike, Cruise, Explore
Chile Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Costa Rica Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Ecuador Adventure Tours, Galapagos Trips & Travel
Award-Winning Galapagos Islands Adventure Tours
Machu Picchu Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Mexico Adventure Tour | Baja Kayak Espiritu Santo Glamping
Patagonia Adventure Tours & Travel | Hiking & Trekking
Peru Adventure Tours & Travel | Machu Picchu Hike
Peru Cordillera Blanca Trek Adventure Travel Tours
Peru Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Hiking Tours
Sacred Valley Lares Peru Adventure Tour & Travel
A Costa Rican Adventure for the Whole Family
Galapagos Islands Adventures Adventure Tours
Galapagos Adventure Cruise EcoGalaxy/Endemic
Galapagos Adventure Cruise on Galaxy/Integrity
Hidden Galapagos Private Land Adventure Tour| MT Sobek
Galapagos, Amazon Family Adventure Cruise Tour
Ecuador Rainforest, Andes Multi-Adventure Travel
Cruise Through The Rainforest Heart of the Amazon
Baja Glamping Adventure Tour – Hike, Snorkel, Swim
Baja Sea of Cortez Adventure Tours & Travel
Peru Sacred Valley Hiking Private Adventure |MT Sobek
Ecuador Galapagos Adventure Cruise on the Endemic |MT Sobek
Galapagos Adventure Cruise on the Integrity
Chile & Argentina Ultimate Patagonia Hiking Tours
Chile Lake District Trekking
Book An Adventure in Patagonia, Argentina

Europe Adventure Travel & Tours

Chile & Argentina Patagonia to Sea Hiking Cruise
Hiking France’s GR20 Trail | Adventure Tours
Top 10 Summer Hikes in Europe | Adventure Tours
Austria Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Croatia Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Croatia Hiking & Kayaking Private Adventure
Croatia Istria and the Dalmatian Coast Hiking |MT Sobek
England Hiking, Walking Tours and Adventure Tours
England Coast to Coast Hiking
Cotswolds Walking Tours | Cotswolds Way Walk
France Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel Hiking
Corsica Hiking Tours
Provence Village to Village Hiking Tours & Travel
France Provence Walking Private Adventure Tours
Greece Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Athens, Crete, & Santorini Adventure Travel Tours
Greece Naxos & Santorini Private Adventure
Iceland Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Iceland Eastern Fjords Hiking Adventure Tours
Iceland Natural Wonders Hiking
Ireland Adventure Tours & Travel
Ireland Hiking Tours | Hiking in Ireland
Ireland West Coast Islands Private Adventure |MT Sobek
Italy Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Dolomites Hiking Tours | Mountain Travel Sobek
Take a Walk in Coastal Puglia, Italy On This Trip
Italy Dolomites Hut-to-Hut Hiking Adventure Tours
Italy Heart of the Dolomites Hiking
Italy Tuscany and Umbria Walking
Montenegro Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Croatia & Montenegro Family Adventure Tours| MT Sobek
Norway Adventure Tours & Travel
Norway, Aurora Borealis, Hike & Kayak & Sail
Norway Natural Wonders Hiking Adventure Tours
Portugal Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Portugal Historic Village Hiking Adventure Tours
Scotland Adventure Travel & Tours
Scotland Orkney Isles Private Adventure
Scotland Hiking Tours | Scotland Hiking Trips
Slovenia Adventure Tours & Travel
Hiking the Via Dinarica Adventure Travel & Tours
Istria to Veneto Gourmet Food Hiking Tour
Slovenia Alps Hiking with Laurent Langoisseur |MT Sobek
Slovenia Julian Alps Hiking Adventure Travel Tours
Spain Hiking Adventures Camino Tours, Travel & Trips
Spain Best of Andalucia Hiking
Camino de Santiago Hiking | Camino Frances
France & Spain Across the Pyrenees Hiking Tours
Switzerland Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
Italy and Switzerland Lake District Hiking
The Alps Adventure Tours & Travel
Alps Chamonix to Annecy Hiking |MT Sobek
Alps Chamonix & Zermatt Hiking
Haute Route | Swiss & French Alps Hiking
Alps Mont Blanc Family Adventure Tours & Travel
Hiking in Alps | Alps Hiking Tours | Mountain Travel Sobek
Tour du Mont Blanc | Award-Winning Hiking Tour
Alps Village to Village Hiking Adventure Tours
Austria, Italy & Slovenia Alpe Adria Hiking Tours
Private Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking & Trekking Adventure Tours
Switzerland Bernese Oberland Trek Adventure Tours

US Adventure Vacations and Canada Adventure Tours

Alaska Adventure Tours & Travel
Alaska Denali Private Adventure Travel Tours |MT Sobek
Alaska’s Glacier Bay Historic Ship Adventure Trip
Alaska Glaciers Whales & Wildlife Adventure Tour
Alaska Kenai Peninsula Private Adventure |MT Sobek
Canada Adventure Tours & Travel | Canadian Rockies
Alaska Alsek River Rafting Adventure Tours
Alaska & Yukon Tatshenshini River Rafting Tours
USA National Parks Adventure Tours & Travel | Voted Best
Alaska Aurora Igloo Multi-Adventure Tours |MT Sobek
Alaska Denali Glacier Multi-Adventure Tours |MT Sobek
Alaska Winter Wilderness Multi-Adventure Tours|MT Sobek
California High Sierra Family Hiking Adventure |MT Sobek
Yosemite National Park Private Adventure Travel Tour
High Sierra Private Family Adventure Travel Tour |MT Sobek
Napa & Sonoma Private Adventure Travel Tours
Utah Moab Grand Circle Multi Adventure Tours |MT Sobek
Utah Cataract Canyon River Rafting Adventure Tour |MT Sobek
Utah National Parks Multi-Adventure Tours |MT Sobek
Washington San Juan Islands Multi-Adventure |MT Sobek
How to Get to San Juan Island | By Air, Ferry or Car
Yellowstone & Grand Teton Family Adventure Tours
Yellowstone & Grand Teton Private Adventure Tour
California High Sierra Odyssey Trek Tour| MT Sobek
John Muir Trail Northbound to Yosemite Trek
John Muir Trail Southbound to Mt. Whitney Trek
Yosemite Grand Traverse Hiking Adventure Tour
Idaho Middle Fork of Salmon River Rafting Tours

Middle East Adventure Travel & Tours

Iran Adventure Travel & Tours
Iran Treasures Cultural Discovery Adventure Tours
Iraq Adventure Travel & Tours
Iraqi Kurdistan Adventure with Richard Bangs |MT Sobek
Iraqi Kurdistan Cultural Tours Adventure Travel
Israel Hiking Cultural Trips Adventure Tours
Israel Perspectives and Peoples Cultural Tours
Jordan Adventure Travel & Tours
Ancient Jordan & Petra Hiking Adventure Tours
Lebanon Adventure Tours, Trips & Cultural Travel
Lebanon Mountain Trail Hiking Adventure Tours
Turkey Adventure Travel Tours

Arctic & Antarctica Polar Cruises, Expeditions

Raft Alaska’s Hulahula River in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Antarctica Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel

Arctic Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel

Antarctica Emperor Penguin Adventure Cruise| MT Sobek
Crossing the Antarctic Circle Adventure Cruise| MT Sobek
Antarctica Fly & Adventure Cruise Tours
Pacific Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
North Spitsbergen Polar Bear Adventure Cruise MT Sobek

Travel Journal Blog Adventure Travel & Tours

New Zealand Adventure Tours, Trips & Travel
My Summit Kilimanjaro & Safari Adventure Tours
The Moon & Antarctica | Adventure Travel & Tours
11 Culture Quests for The Adventurous
20 Best Hikes of 2021 | Adventure Experts
7 Reasons Why You Should Hike Mont Blanc | Hiking Tours
Rafting Cataract Canyon vs. The Grand Canyon
A Portrait of Borneo: Photos by Charlie Ryan
A Rare Look at the Ethiopian Gelada Monkey
Adventure Travel Books to Spark Wanderlust
Cataract Canyon Rafting: The Best of What’s Next
England Coast-to-Coast Hiking Tour
Epic Moments on an East African Safari
Follow the Leader on These Bucket List Adventures
How to Find the Perfect Adventure Tours
#1 Adventure Travel Company for 2020
The Greatest Adventure: To Save the Tiger |MT Sobek
Hiking France’s GR20 Trail | Adventure Tours
Top 10 Favorite Nature Documentaries 2020 |MT Sobek
Top 10 Summer Hikes in Europe | Adventure Tours
Updates from the Field: Luis Die and Manolo Lazo |MT Sobek
Visiting the Galapagos Islands in the Time of COVID
What the Alsek & Tatshenshini Rivers Mean to Me
Best Time To Visit Galapagos Islands Adventure Travel Cruise
Why Climb & Summit Kilimanjaro’s Western Breach Route
50th Anniversary Stories from THE Adventure Company
Advice from Adventure Experts from THE Adventure Company
Reflections of Patagonia Adventure Travel & Tours
Guest Notes from the Silk Road | Adventure Travel
Antarctica Photo Gallery | Adventure Fly & Cruise [ MT Sobek