Meet the MT Sobek Team

Collectively we have lived, worked, trekked, rafted, climbed, kayaked, and cycled on every continent. We’ve led groups, scouted routes, crafted itineraries, and built relationships in every destination all to ensure you have the perfect experience on every MT Sobek trip. Quite simply, we live for adventure travel.


Massimo P.

President & CEO

Anne W.

Director of Trip Development & Operations

Emily C.

Director of Sales & Guest Services

Aimee G.

Director of Travel Industry Relations

Gisele C.


Emily D.

Senior Bookkeeper

Program Directors

Julie M.

Program Director for Asia & the Middle East

Mara D.

Program Director for Rivers

Sharman F.

Program Director for Latin America

Christy H.

Program Director for North America

Mindy T.

Director, Custom Travel

Trip Consultants

Neil A.

Trip Consultant

Julie W.

Trip Consultant

Nicole R.

Trip Consultant

Lou L.

Custom Trip Consultant

Andrea M.

Custom Trip Consultant

Mike A.

Custom Trip Consultant

Adventure Coordinators

Debbie D.

Adventure Coordinator & Program Director for Polar Regions

Amy T.

Adventure Coordinator

Erin R.

Adventure Coordinator

Jen C.

Custom Trip Operations Specialist

Kelli K.

Custom Trip Operations Specialist

Ask an Expert

We want you to have the best adventure, so don’t hesitate to call our expert team of adventure specialists at 800-974-0300 to learn more. Or click the button to use our online contact form.