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Tiny Montenegro sits just up the coast from Greece, with medieval walled cities straight out of a James Bond film (literally: Kotor was used as a set in Casino Royale). Out Montenegro adventure tours take advantage of  Montenegro’s most striking features is its Mediterranean coastline, where visitors swim in secret coves against the backdrop of pine-covered mountain ranges that rise sharply up from the sapphire-blue waters.

Away from the beach, you can explore the dramatic landscapes of Durmitor National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site part of the scenic Dinaric Alps. Here you’ll find glacial lakes, underground streams, and deep river canyons – the most impressive of which is the Tara Canyon, where the canyon walls soar 4,000 feet above the Tara River below. This is a stunning place for white-water rafting surrounded by nature, far off the beaten path.

After the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, Mountain Travel Sobek was the first North American company to enter this formerly inaccessible country, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we remain committed to helping travelers discover the stunning natural beauty of this region.

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