What Makes Our Wildlife & Safari Trips Unique?

MT Sobek's love of the outdoors extends to a passion for nature and wildlife in its native habitat. Powerful moments with gorillas in Uganda, giant tortoises in the Galapagos, orangutans in Borneo, and bears in Alaska are among our most treasured experiences as adventure travelers. And as safari operators since 1971-when we scouted our first walking safari in East Africa-we have been committed to offering African safaris that avoid popular and hurried routes. Instead we opt for remote and elegant tented camps located in wildlife-rich corners of the savanna. Beyond Africa, our wildlife adventures in Alaska and the Galapagos remain our greatest journeys, owing to the astonishing animal encounters along the way.

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Erick Malver

Erick Malver

MT Sobek Regional Specialist


Our Wildlife & Safari Trips

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