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What Makes Our Rafting & Kayaking Trips Unique?

From pioneering the first commercial rafting trip in 1973 on Ethiopia’s Omo River, we’ve been exploring, planning, and leading whitewater river rafting and kayaking trips all over the world ever since! Our water-based adventures take you to some of the world’s most remote, beautiful destinations–some of which you can only access via a river. Whether you are a novice ready to experience a rafting adventure for the first time, or a veteran looking for a new river to paddle, we have the right rafting trip for you.

What Makes Our Rafting & Kayaking Trips Unique? With over 40 years’ experience in exploring, planning, and leading rafting and kayaking trips all over the world, nobody knows the world’s diverse waterways better than MT Sobek. Our river rafting adventures take you to some of the world’s most remote, beautiful destinations-some of which you can only access via the river. Our kayaking trips allow you to get up close to nature, from humpback whales in Alaska to playful sea lions in the Galápagos.

So, whether you’re a novice on the water or an experienced paddler looking for a new adventure, we have the right trip for you.

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Our Rafting & Kayaking Tours


The BEST River Guides

When you paddle with MT Sobek river guides, you know that you’re in safe hands from the moment you meet them. Their knowledge of the river and the wilderness will inspire you to respect the water and protect the land. When you hear “lean in” you will do it instinctively—as an essential part of their crew. Despite diverse backgrounds, a shared love of rivers brings our guides together. They will teach you new things and make you laugh. Here are just a few of the guides who will be on the river with MT Sobek this season.

All Skill Levels Welcome

First-timers and families with children as young as age 6 are welcome on our “Easy” rafting and kayaking trips. Experienced paddlers will enjoy the thrill of more challenging Class IV rapids on moderate to strenuous trips. Rivers are ranked from Class I (easiest) to Class V (hardest). No matter your fitness level, MTS has a rafting or kayaking adventure that is right for you.

Which MT Sobek Rafting Adventure is Right for you?

Our rafting trips range from gentle Class II family getaways to high- adrenaline Class IV-V adventures with miles of thrills. Seasonal water level changes make the same river a different beast, so it’s  worth talking with MT Sobek experts to make sure that you are picking a date that suits your ability. As well as scheduled group departures, we  can also accommodate private groups for a personalized adventure.

MT Sobek Rafting Videos

Middlefork of the Salmon River
Rafting Trip

Cataract Canyon
Rafting & Hiking Trip

Gourmet Meals on the River

River Rafting Terminology


Classic inflatable raft, equipped with two long oars rowed forward-facing by the guide. Accommodates gear and 3-5 passengers. Perfect for relaxing.


Up to 6 passengers sit on the perimeter of the raft with legs inside and paddle under the direction of the guide, who sits in the stern of the raft.


Also known as a “ducky,” this is your chance to get intimate with the river. Paddle or sit at river level with a double-bladed paddle and be in charge of your own destiny!


Balance on these surprisingly stable craft, also known as SUP, and propel yourself downstream with a single- bladed paddle.


Also called the sweep boat, the gear boat carries all the food and camp necessities, plus all our waste—ensuring that we leave the river as pristine as we found it.


When rivers become un-navigable, the gear has to be taken out and carried to the next navigable stretch. This is known as a portage.

River Classifications


Sit back and enjoy the scenery. Experience placid river conditions with interspersed wave trains and enjoyable splashes.


Things are getting exciting! Begin to see more frequent irregular waves. This level requires a good response to guide commands

and efficient team paddling.


This is the highest level of rafting difficulty, likely involving long, continuous rapids. Successful navigation requires great physical fitness and precise paddling.