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This is where adventure travel began! Since our first Everest Base Camp trek in 1969, we’ve been connecting adventurers to the world through genuine, active and immersive experiences. We can’t think of anything more fulfilling than being outside and going deep into nature, exploring hidden places and getting to know local people. It’s what we love to do, so let us share it with you.

To feed your spirit of adventure, Mountain Travel Sobek offers a wide range of unique and perfectly paced itineraries led by incredible local guides. We keep groups small, usually fewer than 10 people, and seek out great food and characterful accommodations everywhere we go.

Beyond the seamless logistics and careful attention to detail, our aim is to create a space for truly special moments in unforgettable places.

We are the Adventure Company—come explore with us.


We founded the concept of small group hiking and trekking in the Himalayas in 1969. It is at the heart of what we do. From the Camino de Santiago to the Tour du Mont Blanc to Everest Base Camp, MT Sobek presents you with a hiker’s masterclass, led by the world’s best guide–so popular that people often return to hike with them year after year.


From our first footsteps into the remote kingdom of Nepal in 1969,
we have traveled with a natural curiosity, an open mind, and with a deep respect for the cultures we encounter. Our local guides skillfully navigate the complexities of undertaking cultural journeys in destinations as distinctive as Iraqi Kurdistan. We travel to some of the most exciting and colorful festivals in Asia, learn about Maasai customs in Tanzania, and take tea in a traditional Japanese Ryokan.


In 1971 we scouted the first ever walking safari in East Africa. Our routes venture off the beaten path and explore less hurried trails. From encounters with endangered Bengal tigers in India to a face-to-face meeting with gorillas in Uganda, MT Sobek gets you closer to wildlife than any other company. We put you right in the heart of the wild, where you can not only see, but hear and feel their presence.


From pioneering the first commercial rafting trip in 1973 on Ethiopia’s Omo River, we’ve been exploring, planning, and leading river rafting and kayaking trips all over the world ever since! Our water-based adventures take you to some of the world’s most remote, beautiful destinations–some of which you can only access via a river. Whether you are a novice ready to experience a rafting adventure for the first time, or a veteran looking for a new river to paddle, we have the right trip for you.


Mix it up on an active multi-adventure that combines a blend of thoughtfully-planned activities including hiking, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, camel riding and more. We handle all logistics so you are free to focus on the fun of exploring and experiencing a destination to the fullest.


Our family adventures are perfect for world explorers of all ages!
Each trip goes deep into nature and is tailored exclusively for families with children aged 6+, 9+, and 13+. Let us help you build a lifetime of memories–swim with sea turtles in the Galapagos, zip through treetops in Costa Rica, watch wildlife in Zimbabwe, sleep under the stars in Utah and Idaho, or look out for orangutans, pygmy elephants, and proboscis monkeys on our new Borneo adventure!

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