Updates from the Field: Luis Die and Manolo Lazo

By: Ashley

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April 8, 2020 | Adventure Experts

Around the world, people are taking steps to keep their families and communities healthy and safe through social distancing. Our guides are no exception. MT Sobek guides around the world are staying home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Staying home is a very different adventure from the kind they are used to!

We asked our guides what they do to stay fit and entertained while social distancing in their home countries, and we wanted to pass along the advice and words of encouragement they shared. As we receive more updates, we will add more blogs to share their letters of hope and encouragement. 


Luis Die


Classic Galapagos Adventure Cruise & Galapagos Adventure Cruise Express

Dear friends,

I wanted to send you some good news from Galapagos and Ecuador as some of you have been sending messages to see how things are going in this corner of the world.

Well… it could certainly be better, but at the same time it could be much worse.

The Ecuadorian government took some very radical measures when the cases were still relatively low, so it seems like we are not going to go into an exponential growth. Fingers crossed, we hope the country will manage to deal with the worst of the pandemic.

From my side, I can tell you I am locked with my family in our house in Quito and we are all well. We have a big yard, which is important when you have three kids full of energy, two of which are in their adolescent years. We go out as little as possible, mostly for groceries and little else.

As much as I miss going to the islands, this time has helped us to reconnect and has given the kids a radically different sense of what it is to be a family and how to live on less. Scrabble has become one of our main indoor entertainments on rainy days, but we try to keep in shape by doing some gymnastics every day (often dragging the kids to join us, despite their funny looks).

Certainly the most rewarding activity has been starting an organic vegetable garden in our yard. One of my boys is the theoretical mind of the time since he has watched every possible YouTube video on the subject, while the other one is the muscle, ready to dig in to dirt, carry heavy loads of compost and prepare the soil. My little girl, well, she just shows up for the pictures! We have the first little seedlings coming out and soon we will be planting little lettuces, zucchini, tomatoes, and red peppers. Wish us luck!

Some of you might think that the islands are better without us. At a certain level, that is probably true. But on the other hand, the scientists’ work and the flow of funds to control introduced species has been stopped, mostly because tourism is no longer bringing money to the economy, causing more damage than good to the endemic fauna and flora.

This is why we are hoping this situation will not last much longer and hope to see you in the not-so-distant future in the islands!

Take good care of yourselves and stay healthy.

Luis Die


Manolo Lazo


Discover the Sacred Valley & Lares Region, Machu Picchu Inn to Inn Trek & Treasures of the Incas

I’m in Lima (capital city). It’s almost the end of summer but still hot at 78.8F. All of Peru has been under lockdown since March 16th, set until April 12th. Quarantine.

Because some people don’t respect this law here, police officers capture them in the street and make them do push ups and sing our national anthem out loud! 🙂

I walk 14 city blocks once a week to the supermarket and wear a mask and gloves as a precaution. Driving is forbidden — which doesn’t affect me because I don’t have a car.

To stay entertained, I watch TV (Animal Planet, Discovery, etc.), do push ups, stretch, and drink a Coke. As well, I love writing about my memories and dreams. I wash dishes, clean the flat, sleep. For sure I pray, always, since after I was born.

As I say: hope rules the future.

My slight spiritual intuition is that we all will have a huge amazing smile celebration sooner than we guess.

I know I will get to see you in Peru and we’ll hike across the Andes.

Tips for mental and physical fitness:

  • Relax by watching Peru: The Royal Tour
  • Jump rope, stretch, and drink lots of water

You already have a friend (me!) in Peru.

Take good care!




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