Discover the Best Bucket-List Hikes & Treks in Spain

Spain is a country with a huge diversity of landscapes that are perfect for exploring on foot. We’ve rounded up five stellar hikes that cover the green pastures of Galicia, the mighty peaks of the Pyrenees and Granada’s Sierra Nevada, and all the way to the glories of Andalusian mountain landscapes. Aside from dazzling nature and spectacular hiking, each hike touches down in storybook towns and incredible cities full of fascinating history and architecture.

1. The Legendary Camino de Santiago

This epic quest is an 11-day journey across some of the most beautiful Spanish scenery, starting out in the French Basque Country and ending in Santiago de Compostela, the end point of the pilgrimage path and the capital of Galicia. Expect strenuous daily hikes – an average of ten miles a day – through gorgeous mountains, forests and meadows, followed by descents into medieval towns and villages. All along the way, you can stay in upscale, comfortable hotels that serve excellent local food. You will discover the scenic Pyrenees and the famed city of Pamplona, and hike across the central plains of La Meseta and the medieval region of Castilla-La Mancha, via Roman towns and Celtic villages.

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2. Across the Pyrenees

If the idea of hiking from Bilbao to Barcelona across the iconic Pyrenees already sounds like heaven, add to it the bonus of resting for the night in Spain’s luxury paradors on our guided nine-day hiking trip. The ancient mountain kingdoms of Aragon and Catalonia are dotted with magnificent peaks, waterfalls and meadows that will make each hike – taking from six to nine hours a day – an absolute treat. Expect a challenging nine-hour descent down a very steep scree slope in the area of Monte Perdido in Aragón’s Valle de Pineta – a fairytale mountain setting – as well as a vigorous trek along the highest part of the base of Pico Marboré and Monte Perdido.


3. Best of Andalucia Hiking

One of Spain’s most enchanting regions, Andalucia has it all. You will hike the incredible peaks of Sierra Nevada, see the majestic Alhambra Palace, trek the Sierras de Segura and Cazorla, and follow the trail of the Rio Borosa, ending up in the city of Cordoba and its glorious mosque-cathedral, La Mezquita. On this journey across Andalucia, you get to hike to the top of Mulhacen, at 11,413 feet above sea level the highest peak on the Iberian Peninsula. The seven- to ten-hour trek is as demanding as it is glorious: rugged trails take you steadily uphill to the top, where you are treated to incomparable views of the Sierra Nevada massif, the city of Granada, the Mediterranean, and even the northern tip of the African continent.

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4. Picos de Europa

This national park sits in three of Spain’s northern regions: Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y Leon. Declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it is an interchangeable landscape of sharp, bare mountain cliffs and enchanting greenery. The park’s most popular trail is the seven-mile Ruta del Cares. It is not for the faint-hearted, since some of its trails are carved into cliffs and make way through rock tunnels, while sheer drops gape at the thundering river below. There are opportunities for wild swimming and seeing dark caves, and mountain goats to keep you company. The Covadonga Lakes circular tour is also seven-miles long and takes you around pretty lakes, such as Lake Ercina. Along the way, you get to see wild horses grazing in the peaceful meadows.


5. Las Cañadas, Tenerife

Mount Teide is Spain’s highest mountain, measuring 12,188 feet, and it sits proudly on the volcanic island of Tenerife. Las Cañadas del Teide National Park has numerous hiking trails and mountain peaks to climb and explore. Summiting the Mount Teide peak is a treat and what most hikers want to pursue when visiting the island (do note that you’ll need a permit). At the top, you get to have a peek into the 260-foot crater; you must be accompanied by a guide. The park also has other excellent trails to tackle, such as Parador Nacional to Montaña Guajara Circuit Trail, where you will reach the summit of Mount Guajara (8,917 feet), a wide mountain along the caldera rim. Stunning views of Mount Teide, the Cañadas, the coast and neighboring islands like La Gomera await from the top.


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