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Top 5 Reasons to Create Your Own Custom Adventure

By: Mark Campbell

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January 4, 2023 | Adventure Experts

Many of the trips we create at MT Sobek are personalized, customized private adventures. These trips are either created ‘from scratch’ or borrow from one of our small group adventures. Either way, custom trips are perfect for families and large groups, or for those looking to celebrate a special occasion. Designed and operated to our highest standards, we offer fully escorted active adventures with driver and guides from start to finish, or some self-drive options with private guided tours on select days. Here are the key reasons to create your own custom adventure.


  1. It’s Your Trip…and Yours Alone
  2. Go When You Want to Go
  3. Private Guided Tours & Activities
  4. Special Access
  5. Pre- and Post-Trip Concierge Services

#1. It’s Your Trip…and Yours Alone

There’s a reason it’s called a custom trip and that’s because it is designed exclusively for you by our expert trip planners. We don’t use the word expert lightly. Our A-list team are sought after for their excellent access and logistical ability to make dream trips happen.

Before the actual planning process begins, they’ll take time to get you know you. Just by asking a few questions and listening to what you have to say, the focus (and maybe even location) of your trip may change. No matter what, our custom trip experts work with you to create a custom trip to your specifications, taking into account special interests and requirements. It’s the equivalent of having a made-to-measure suit sewn by a master tailor versus buying a suit off the rack. No compromises, no settling for a less than perfect itinerary.

custom active adventures with mountain travel sobek. mountain views

#2. Go When You Want To Go

Unlike small group trips with set departure dates, the date of a custom trip is guaranteed…because you choose it. Of course, we’ll help you decide on the best dates of travel, based on availability of lodging, your schedule, and other preferences. If you’re planning to travel during peak season, it’s best to be flexible, and to contact us as soon as possible so we can get started. Last minute travel? No problem. We have insider access to the most sought-after accommodations—even ones that always seem to be sold out!

“Your company provides exactly what it advertises: customized high-end adventures which are well organized, and memorable. All we had to do was follow your itinerary and everything was as it was supposed to be!”

— Andrea E. MT Sobek Guest

#3. Private Guided Tours & Activities

We can’t emphasize this enough—guides elevate the experience and turn what might otherwise be a good trip into an extraordinary adventure that you’ll remember and cherish for years. On a custom trip, your guide’s sole focus is exceeding your expectations. We work with the best adventure guides on the planet. They will customize each day based on what you wish to experience and be ready to take advantage of serendipitous opportunities, from great wildlife sightings to beautiful sunsets.

drinking coffee with a backdrop of a giant mountain

If you choose a self-drive trip in the western US, you’ll have full-day private guided tours on select days. If you opt for a fully escorted trip, your guide (or guides depending on the particulars) will be with you every day. No matter what option you choose, your guide will share stories, insight and passion for our wilderness and sacred places.

request a MT Sobek catalog. your next adventure awaits

While most activities are also private, there are some that you may do with a small group because of logistics and costs. They may include a a half-day scenic float or white- water rafting trip.

#4. Special Access

Another hallmark of custom travel is arranging for special and/or exclusive access to people, places and experiences. A custom trip will often include local experts in various fields, be it geology, Native American culture, art, photography, etc. From viewing a closed-to-the-public museum archive to receptions with authors and historians to hikes to less-known vantage points and trails, having access means you’ll enjoy deeper, richer and more immersive experiences.

moose grazing in the forest

#5. Pre- and Post-Trip Concierge Services

Many custom trips also include one or more nights before and/or after the main trip in both major and minor ‘gateway’ cities, such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Rapid City and Bozeman. Services will typically include lodging, transfers, and private tours. And if your time is limited but want to ‘stitch together’ locations that otherwise would require a long drive or multiple days of driving, a private air charter can be arranged.

Whatever the occasion—family reunion, romantic getaway, milestone celebration, ultimate road trip with friends—consider making your trip a custom one. It’s the ultimate in the ‘4 F’s – freedom, fulfillment, flexibility, and fun.

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