Winners of the MT Sobek Photo Contest for 2024

By: Grace Park

Grace Park is Mountain Travel Sobek's Marketing Coordinator. Her recent travels have taken her to Korea, Israel and Cambodia, where she helped teach Cambodian high school students as part of an international mission. Grace enjoys drinking boba & coffee, eating good food, hosting people at her home, playing board games, and trying out new cafes!

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March 29, 2024 | Adventure Experts

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Guest Photo Contest! Many thanks to everyone who shared their favorite digital photos with us. Winners could win an exciting opportunity to win: a 1st prize of $1,000 in trip credit, a 2nd place prize of $500 in trip credit, and a 3rd place prize of $250 in trip credit. We had so many amazing submissions to choose from. The MT Sobek community have selected the top three winners, congratulations to all!

First Place

Photo from Vicki Pachera

Rwanda Primate Private Adventure

baby gorilla on MT Sobek's Rwanda Primate Private Adventure

Second Place

Photo from Jeff Johnson

Bhutan Chomolhari Trekking Adventure

Scenic snow capped mountains and valleys in Chomolhari trek in Nepal

Third Place

Photo by Julie Simmonds

England Coast to Coast Hiking

England expert guide Jeremy Martin leading hiking adventure through Coast to Coast trail in England, Europe

Here are some of the photo submissions we’ve received!

Photo by Mauricio Castillo

Tour du Mont Blanc Hiking Adventure

beautiful picturesque lake just below the Matterhorn in the summertime in Europe

Photo by Nadina Lambert

Spain El Camino de Santiago Hiking Adventure

seeing a big rainbow in the middle of a pilgrimage in the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain, Europe

Photo by Lisa Hollingsworth

India Secrets of Kashmir Cultural Discovery

mom and child looking into a window in downtown Kashmir during Secrets of Kashmir adventure in India, Asia

Photo by Randy Holson

Highlights of Laos Private Adventure

travelers practicing alms giving, a practice, in Laos, to visiting Buddhist monks in bustling town of Laos, Asia

Photo by Randy Hudson

Oman Private Cultural Discovery

travelers encountering Bedouin tribes in the rolling dunes of the Wahiba Sands in Oman, Middle East

Photo by Julie Daigle

Jordan Passage to Petria Trekking Adventure

deluxe camping in Bedouin desert camps along ancient Passage to Petra hiking trail in Jordan, Middle East

Photo by Randy Holson

Japan Sacred Northern Lakes & Mountains Hiking

encountering local Japanese in kimono in Tokyo during Sacred Northern Lakes and Mountains hike in Japan, Asia

Photo by Fred Booker

Ireland North to South Hiking

hiker ascending top of Connemara, one of three isolated rocky outcrops of the Aran Islands, during group hiking adventure in Ireland, Europe

Photo by Wendy Lee

Vietnam Mountains & Bay Multi-Adventure

local villageperson assembling produce to sell for merchandise on boat in Vietnam, Asia

Photo by Leslie Stewart

Southeast Asia Cultural Discovery

boat ride in scenic Ha Long Bay in Laos, a UNESCO destination in Asia

Photo by Stephen Barkley

Italy Best of the Dolomites Hiking

two hikers hiking the Dolomites on a best of Dolomites tour in Alps Region, Europe

Photo by Randy Hudson

Oman Private Cultural DIscovery

local sellers haggling prices at marketplace with local villagers over fish in Oman in the Middle East

Photo by Tammy Russo

Vietnam Mountains & Bay Multi-Adventure

female traveler taking a rickshaw ride through bustling Old Quarter in Hanoi in Vietnam, Asia

Photo by Lynne Mason

Morocco Camels & Casbahs Hiking

enjoy a legendary Saharan journey and go on camel back in Sahara desert in Morocco, Africa

Photo by Ann Obenchain

Alps Village to Village Hiking

female traveler hiking on a village to village hiking tour in Alps region near Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, and Eiger

Photo by Surendra Kulung Rai

Nepal Ancient Passes Trekking

hiking the ancient passes trail with group of travelers in Nepal, Asia

Photo by Elizabeth Bankhead

Portugal Historic Valley Hiking

exploring the historical villages and passing Sortelha with its walled fortress in Monsanto, Portugal, in Europe

Photo by Gigi Grimes

Montana Glacier National Park Hiking

seeing reflection of Glacier National Park lake in Montana, North America

Photo by Jennifer Wilkes

Alps Village to Village Hiking

exploring sweeping mountain vistas on village to village hiking trail adventure in Switzerland and France in the Alps region in Europe

Photo by Gail Stone

Rwanda Primate Private Adventure

group of female travelers gorilla trekking with expert safari guides in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Africa

Photo by Jeffrey Johnson

Tanzania – Climb Kilimanjaro

encountering a curious young giraffe during Climb Kilimanjaro trek in Tanzania, Africa

Photo by Jeffrey Johnson

Bhutan Chomolhari Trekking

trekking through rice fields to reach traditional villages amidst scenery in Laos, Asia

Photo by Julie Klein

Alps Village to Village Hiking

hiking past alpine lakes in series of trails past verdant meadows in ALps region in Europe

Photo by Heather Strahm

Greece Tinos, Naxos & Santorini Multi-Adventure

group of travelers kayaking in Aegan Sea near Santorini on a multi-adventure in Greece, Europe

Photo by Lori Stilwell

Portugal Island of Madeira Private Hiking

trail adventure near high terraced ridges near Atlantic Ocean in Island of Madeira in Portugal, Europe

Photo by Fred Dielensynder

Borneo Rainforests & Villages Wildlife Safari

a couple of travelers having fun swinging on giant swing in Mataking Island known for its sandy beach and coral reefs in Borneo, Asia

Photo by Gloria Rittenhouse

Heart of the Canadian Rockies Custom Adventure

two male and female travelers floating in the Canadian Rockies on a custom adventure in North America

Photo by Harish Gagneja

Iceland Natural Wonders Hiking Adventure

picturesque hike to Hengifoss Waterfall in gorge with copper-colored striations in Iceland, Europe

Photo by David Whiteman

Scotland Western Isles Hiking

hiking near scenic trails with water and lighthouse views in Scotland, Europe

Photo by Maggi Willard

Italy Tuscany & Cinque Terre Walking

female hikers in guided hiking adventure in Italy's Tuscany and Cinque Terre in Europe

Photo by Jodie Temple

Japan Kyoto to Tokyo Walking

visiting Nara Temple to see Giant Buddha in Todaji Shrine on a Kyoto to Tokyo tour in Japan, Asia