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Visions of Glacier Bay

February 21, 2018 by Chris B. / Photos by A.Z. Andis

Glacier Bay National Park has it all—glaciers that calve enormous icebergs, an ocean teeming with humpback whales, sea otters, orca, seals, and sea lions...


Mount Diablo Wildflower Hike

February 20, 2018 by John Baston

Gear up for stunning Mount Diablo hike on Saturday April 7, 2018! From the lush meadows of Mitchell Canyon we'll hike a less-traversed 8 mile loop trail on the mountain's north side. Our path rises up into the chaparral and offers hikers a chance to summit one of Mount Diablo State Park's roadless peaks, and enjoy iconic views of the Bay Area. We've also chosen this hike to coincide with the area’s peak wildflower bloom, so be sure to bring along your camera!


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Meet Adventure Expert John Baston

January 29, 2018 by John Baston

The natural world is full of surprises, and the more time I spend there the more wonderful and interesting it all seems. I feel privileged to have had work that has allowed so many hours of observing nature’s processes and contemplating the many questions they pose. How does it all piece together? What are the relationships? Why is there so much beauty? What do I do with it all?


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Photo Gallery: Rafting Alaska's Alsek River

January 15, 2018 by Chris B. / Photos by Terry Boyd

Wending its way from Canada’s Yukon Territory to the sea in Alaska’s Glacier Bay, the Alsek is a natural superhighway through some of the wildest, most pristine landscapes in the world. Photographer Terry Boyd recently returned from our Alsek journey and shares his top photographs.


Back to Sonoma Local Hike

January 12, 2018 by John Baston

Jack London Historic State Park, in partnership with the local events team at Mountain Travel Sobek, is proud to host a fundraising hike on Jan 27, 2018 to help fund a fuel reduction and defensible space program to mitigate extreme fire dangers. This is the perfect opportunity to return to Sonoma County and lend support for Sonoma Mountain and Jack London Park, which are among the most treasured gifts in the Sonoma Valley. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded hikers and find rejuvenation in the great outdoors! We will also be joined by some of the park staff at Jack London Park.