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Welcome to Travel Stories


Travel is about insight, reflection, bonding, sharing—and stories are the ancient and time honored way of sharing. We honor and revere that tradition, so I am thrilled to introduce our new Travel Stories blog! For nearly 50 years, we’ve been driven by a love of exploration and sharing special places with others, and we’re continually blown away by the amazing stories we hear from our returning in-house staff, our guests, and our local guides. Their personal experiences on the ground in Alaska, Antarctica, Burma, Botswana, Cuba, Mont Blanc, Namibia, Zimbabwe (you get the idea, the list is never ending) inspire us to explore further and experience these incredible destinations for ourselves.

As part of a worldwide community of travel experts, we are also fortunate to be close to people who are “in the know” about a wide variety of travel topics—from the best books and apps to truly useful gear, from up-close encounters to the wonders of virtual reality. We’re excited to have a place to share collective knowledge of adventure, and to invite you to be part of the adventure-travel story.

We look forward to hearing your story. Contact us at travelstories@mtsobek.com to share yours!

Happy travels,

Kevin Callaghan

President & CEO Mountain Travel Sobek