• Slovenia: Hiking the Julian Alps

    Hike along the path less traveled in the heart of Slovenia’s Julian Alps

    This is Slovenia for hikers—our classic Slovenia experience, revised to focus on the best areas in Slovenia for hiking. We’ll hike through varied terrain, climbing above the tree line in picturesque, remote settings with breathtaking views around us.  In the evenings, we’ll still enjoy wonderful, local, organic cuisine, taste fine local wines, and sleep in a warm, comfortable bed. This is Europe, after all!

    best times to go: June - September

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    Eastern Europe

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Hike along the path less traveled in the heart of Slovenia’s Julian Alps

Shhh…We don’t want to broadcast this too loudly, but did you know that Slovenia is Europe’s best-kept secret? Small yet majestic, dreamy and unspoiled, everything from its vibrant capital of Ljubljana, to its serene countryside, picturesque medieval villages, and breathtaking mountain views seems locked in a bygone era. This destination has it all.

This hiking tour takes in the wonders of western Slovenia's alpine scenery, through the awe-inspiring mountain enclave of the Julian Alps, rich in endemic flora and a number of emerald-green lakes; and the fairytale setting of Lake Bled, complete with a castle. Along the way, we'll sleep in well-appointed, charming hotels with spa amenities, and sample Slovenia's luscious rub red wines! There is no better time than the present to explore one of the last of Europe’s undiscovered jewels.


8 Days of strenuous hiking (max elev. 6,795')


  • Discover the path less traveled in the heart of Slovenia’s Julian Alps and Triglav National Park!
  • Hike in the Logarska Valley, one of Europe’s most beautiful glacial alpine valleys!
  • Hike in the Soca River Valley, home to the emerald-green Soca River!
  • Visit postcard perfect Lake Bled, with it’s charming castle set on a tiny island; and Ljubljana, with its curved cobblestone allyways, handsome plazas, and centuries old buildings!

Duration: 10 days Start Location: Ljubljana End Location: Ljubljana

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BRIEF Itinerary
  • Slo_day_ljubljana
    Day 1 : Arrival in Ljubljana

    Arrive at the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The Slovenian capital has become one of the hippest cities in Europe, reminiscent of Prague without the bustling crowds. The city is so small you can explore most of the town’s sights on foot and yet so cosmopolitan you can hear a variety of languages walking along the lovely Ljubljanica River. With lively bars, cafes and art galleries, the green city of Ljubljana is a great hideout from big and crowded European capitals.

  • Logarska_valley-c
    Day 2 : Ljubljana – Velika Planina – Logarska Valley

    We’ll head north to the Great Highlands, where preserved sheepherders’ wooden huts tell of highland life long ago. The special conical shape of the buildings’ roofs is unique to this area and some of buildings date well back in history. We’ll hike on gentle terrain through green meadows, while the limestone peaks of Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps are within arms’ reach. We'll enjoy a picnic overlooking the valley accompanied by the sound of cowbells. We may even have a chance to try a bit of local fresh cheese. After our hike, we'll transfer to the Nature Park Logarska Valley, a secret pearl situated right on the Austrian border.

  • Logarska_valley-d
    Day 3 : Logarska Valley

    The secluded valley of Logarska is a place of striking contrasts. White pointy limestone peaks surround the soft green glacier valley, which hides our charming Alpine hotel. The Logarska Valley, with its clear mountain air and fertile soil, has also become a popular escape for Slovenians who have changed their lifestyle and become involved in organic farming. We'll hike up to Okreselj to put ourselves under the amphitheater of majestic mountains. Following a fairy-tale trail along a clear stream, we’ll eventually arrive at the Rinka waterfall. This remote corner has a tradition of being virtually untouched, if it weren’t for the noble families of the Austrian empire that qualified the place as one of their favorite abodes.

  • Logarska_valley-a
    Day 4 : Logarska Valley

    Today we'll climb up to the Olševa mountain ridge high above the Logarska Valley. Situated on the border with Austria, this Eastern part of the Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps offers untouched nature and is famous for the Potocka Zijalka cave. Archaeologically and paleontologically speaking, this 355-foot long cave is one of the most important in Slovenia. It was hear in 1928 that bones of the cave bear and tools of the Stone Age hunters were found. We'll finish today’s hike in one of the highest standing farmhouses in Slovenia, where we'll have the opportunity to try mouth-watering homemade delicacies.

  • Seven-lakes-1
    Day 5 : Logarska Valley – Austria – Jezersko Pass – Lake Bohinj

    Today we'll say farewell to the Logarska Valley and continue to the jewel of the Slovenian Alps, Lake Bohinj. En route we’ll take a ride on a spectacular mountain road offering great views over the Kamniske Alps. For a few moments we’ll enter Austria before coming back to Slovenia on the pass of Jezersko. (Slovenia has been part of European Union since 2005, so our return to Slovenia will go unnoticed). Jezersko is home to some of Slovenia’s best backcountry skiers, who have traversed most of the World’s highest peaks, including the first-ever complete descent on skies of Everest. In the summer time, green fields full of blossoming flowers, wooden Alpine houses and the heart-shaped lake Jezersko become a popular hiking spot. We’ll take a three-hour hike in this outdoor paradise before continuing on to Lake Bohinj.

  • Seven-lakes-4
    Day 6 : Bohinj – Seven Triglav Lakes

    In the early morning we'll begin our trek high above Bohinj. An uphill walk through pine forest brings us to the hearts of the Julian Alps. Passing by shepherds’ cottages and green meadows, we’ll reach the valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes, also known as the Kingdom of the Goldenhorn.

  • Brda_hike_with_the_view_of_mt_triglav__highest_slovenian_mountain
    Day 7 : Bohinj – Brda Moutain – Bled – Bohinj

    Bohinj is a small community of picturesque villages situated near the lake of Bohinj, and is a perfect base for hikes in Triglav National Park. Today we'll hike up Brdo Mountain, which is the ideal spot for magnificent views of Mount Triglav (9,396'), Slovenia’s highest mountain. The top of the Mt. Brdo, with its carpets of green grass and colorful wildflowers, is a perfect setting for a lovely picnic lunch. After a leisurely lunch, we'll return to Bohinj via Lake Bled, the most picturesque lake in Slovenia.

  • Sleme-hike-day-8-b
    Day 8 : Bohinj – Sleme – Kobarid

    Today we’ll take a ride around the Julian Alps en route to the Soca River Valley, crossing over the Vrsic pass (5,330') on the way. The Vrsic pass used to be the border line between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Imperium. From here we’ll enjoy breathtaking views, and with a bit of luck we’ll see dozens of  delicate alpine flowers. We'll stop and hike to Sleme where we'll enjoy a picnic lunch next to a charming glacier lake. Italy and Austria are only a short distance away. From the pass, a scenic drive on a winding road will bring us to Kobarid, the center of the Soca River Valley.

  • Cheese_factory_in_the_mountains_on_day_9
    Day 9 : Kobarid – Pretovc – Kobarid

    The Majestic Krn Mountain, with its distinctive shape, is one of the highest peaks in the Southwestern Julian Alps, and once played an extremely important role in WWI. Just below its peak, one will find remote villages and alpine meadows still used by local shepherds. We’ll hike up to Planina Pretovc to steal stunning views of the Soca River Valley winding beneath the cliffs of ancient history.

  • Kozjak1
    Day 10 : Kobarid – Kozjak Waterfall – Ljubljana – Departure

    Before setting off to Ljubljana, we'll take a short walk to the hidden waterfall of called Kozjek. We'll eventually arrive in to Ljubljana at about noon.

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DATES: Best time to go: June - September Departures: Jun 24, 2014 - Jul 3, 2014 Jul 29, 2014 - Aug 7, 2014 Sep 2 - 11, 2014


2014 Prices
$3,995 (4-16 members)
$700 single supplement

Properties shown are representative of the accommodations we use on this trip, may not be inclusive of all accommodations we use, and are subject to change.

Expert leadership is the key to an exciting, unforgettable experience. Our trips feature gifted leaders for whom leading trips is a true vocation. Besides showing you wonders you’d never find on your own, they make sure everything runs smoothly and safely without a hitch. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of your trip, and take great pleasure in sharing their insights with you. More than just guides, they positively elevate your experience by being teachers, companions, and the best of friends. You’ll be in good hands with them every step of the way.

  • Luka Poznic

    Luka doesn't sit still for long. When he is not guiding our trips, he is exploring the outer reaches of Northern Africa, Burma, Tibet, Montenegro, Sahara, Thailand, Croatia, and Nepal; guiding, discovering new destinations or bargaining for a precious Iranian silk carpet. He takes very seriously his Arabic lessons, due to the mystical deserts of the Arabic world which have enchanted him. When he is in Slovenia, he is devoted to free-climbing, mountain-biking, photography and expert dining. In his years of traveling he has became very knowledgeable about fine wine. Luka is the right person to show you where the best Cabarnet Sauvignon in Slovenia can be found.

  • Ursula Kordis

    Ursula has a degree in management and organization. She is an avid photographer and has traveled extensively between Asia and Latin America, and spent six months in Colombia working as a photo journalist. Ursula has been guiding since 2001 and is very knowledgeable about the Slovenian outdoors. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and in her free time enjoys cooking and dancing the Salsa.

  • Roman Krizanic

    Roman is a graduate in Chinese studies. After finishing his degree he spent a year in China, wandered around Southeast Asia for the next five years, and now Roman is settled between his two homelands. In the beautiful countryside of Slovenia as an outdoor guide, and in Cambodia, where he is running a petit beach resort when temperatures in Europe drop to freezing. An adventurer at heart, Roman continues to discover hidden corners of Croatia and Slovenia, combining nature experiences with his passion for gourmet Slovenian cuisine. As a guide he is well known for his personal touch and good humor.

photo credits: ©Ursula Kordis


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