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Wilderness Journeys in Brazil's Amazon & Pantanal

December 05, 2016 by Chris Bettencourt

"About the size of the U.S. and home to both Earth’s largest rainforest and South America’s premier wildlife sanctuary, Brazil is a land of unmatched biodiversity, earning UNESCO World Heritage status for both the Central Amazon Conservation Complex and the Pantanal Conservation Area. But while both are prime examples of what makes Brazil’s wild heritage so unique and precious, each offers a very different way to experience this vast wilderness. If you’ve been interested in delving into the heart of Brazil but unsure of how, read on!"


Spotting Jaguars in Brazil's Pantanal

August 08, 2016 by Kevin Raub

"Our VW van spits gravel left and right as we breech the beginning of the Transpantaneira Highway, marked by a rickety and rustic Old Corral-style archway announcing the start of this 145km-long raised dirt road that penetrates deep into the Pantanal to Porto Jofre, an end-of-the-road hamlet where nature and man collide in rustic jungle camps and a wildlife lodge or two. My eyes are on the lookout for the prize: Jaguars." Top travel writer Kevin Raub takes us on a journey through Brazil's Pantanal, the largest contiguous wetland in the world!


On Safari: Epic East Africa

June 09, 2016 by Hilary Walters

Hilary Walters, MTS's Regional Specialist for Africa, gives us an insider look at the fascinating national parks visited on our Epic East Africa tour, including tips on where to see the Great Migration and the best times of year to go.


Where to see orangutans in Borneo?

May 23, 2016 by Heather Howard

Borneo expert and MTS guide Charlie Ryan answers our burning questions on where to go to see orangutans in their natural habitat and gives us insider information on his favorite orangutan, Alibaba, who lives in the beautiful Danum Valley. Just look at the size of his cheek pads!


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May 20th is Endangered Species Day

May 20, 2016 by Chris Bettencourt

Today is Endangered Species Day, and while "celebration" seems not quite the right word to use when discussing the prospect of entire species disappearing from our planet forever, it's certainly easy to celebrate the amazing animals that ride this Earth with us.