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Mount Diablo Wildflower Hike with MT Sobek and The Outbound Collective

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Gear up for a stunning Mount Diablo hike on Saturday April 21, 2018, offered in collaboration with our friends at The Outbound Collective! From the lush meadows of Mitchell Canyon we'll hike a less-traversed 8 mile loop trail on the mountain's north side. Our path rises up into the chaparral and offers hikers a chance to summit one of Mount Diablo State Park's roadless peaks, and enjoy iconic views of the Bay Area. We've also chosen this hike to coincide with the area’s peak wildflower bloom, so be sure to bring along your camera!

As we'll be starting the hike in Mitchell Canyon, it's possible to simply stroll up and down the canyon without climbing to the ridges if you don’t want the elevation or the distance. But for those on the whole 8 mile loop, there will be about 2000' of elevation gain. This is a more peaceful part of the park which is known for its great wildflowers, removed from the hub-bub and automobiles.

Come on out and meet fellow world travelers and share another great day with us on the trail.

Start/end time: 8:30am to 3pm Saturday April 21, 2018 *Please note that this event was originally scheduled on April 7, but postponed due to rain. It will now take place on April 21.*

Meeting place: The group will meet at Mitchell Canyon Visitor Center on the Northside of Mount Diablo State Park

Total distance: 8-mile loop hike, 2,000 vertical feet

Email to sign up:

Food: Please bring your own lunch and water bottles. Snacks, trail bars, and fruit will be provided by MT Sobek.

I look forward to seeing you!

John Baston


About John Baston:

In addition to his role as Custom Trip Specialist for Alaska and North America, John is a veteran trip leader and former park ranger in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Point Reyes NS, and four other national parks. John was also a finalist for the PURE travel awards Unsung Hero category. Email him at for more hike details and to sign up for this fun outing in Mount Diablo State Park.

About The Outbound Collective:

The Outbound Collective was built to spread the excitement of outdoor adventure, whether just down the street or across the globe, by inspiring people to discover, explore, and share their favorite activities and local playgrounds. By making it easier to find relevant information and harnessing the power of our community, they hope to encourage more people to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors in a responsible way. Join the community at