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Peru's Inca Trail Webinar with Joaquin Ferreyros


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Curious about Peru? Joaquin Ferreyros is excited to share his passion, knowledge, and expertise with MTS travelers. Joaquin leads trips on the Inca Trail and throughout the Andes, and will touch on the history of the Inca Trail, tips for trip preparation, and the important details surrounding this wonderful trek that details exclusive access and world class local leadership on one of the world’s greatest and most memorable treks.

Meet Your Webinar Host: Joaquin Ferreyros

Joaquin was born for adventure, with a passion for exploration and discovery running deep through his veins. His father, who has pioneered Inca Trail trekking tours since 1975, introduced Joaquin to the world of adventure tourism and mentored him from an early age. Accompanying his father on trips to the far and wide corners of Peru while learning about the sacred lands and cultures of his country, he has built a wealth of first-hand knowledge of this gorgeous and historic region. He has become an expert tour guide of the Inca Trail and many of the lesser know remaining Incan paths. 

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