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Safari Wonders in Northern Tanzania

January 09, 2017 by Patrick Ferrell

"I just got back from my third safari in Northern Tanzania, the Ultimate Tanzania Safari, and it truly lived up to its billing. This was the Africa of Holden, Houston, and Hemingway. With walled tents and bucket showers, sundowners around an open fire, and lions and hyenas proclaiming themselves masters of the night, as darkness reigns just beyond the embers' glow. In the morning we were off at the break of dawn on game drives while the predators were still settling their differences from the night before. It was Africa seen not through a light box in the corner of the room, but in whole present reality as bright as the sky, as vast as the horizon."


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Ultimate Nambia Webinar: Explore Southern Africa's Timeless Frontier

November 04, 2016 by Tmac Lee

Join us for a compelling webinar led by expert Birgit Bekker on Thursday November 17, 2016, and explore Mountain Travel Sobek’s two exclusive Namibia trips: Ultimate Namibia Safari and Desert to Delta: The Best of Namibia & Botswana. Bigger than Texas and endowed with a spectacular combination of forests, deserts, towering sand dunes, and stone age rock art, Namibia naturally provides an opportunity for a rich “out there” experience.


Navigating Souks: From the Medinas of Morocco to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

July 25, 2016 by Allie Roqueta

"The marketplace is the heart of any city. Here all types of sights, smells and sounds converge into a bustling energy that’s contagious to whomever passes. It’s hard to not become overwhelmed by the variety of handiworks that pack the stalls, especially when the flow of the crowd urges you through the corridors like a salmon upstream. From the quiet of dawn, the souks transform into a humming epicenter where goods exchange hands and find their way to all corners of the globe. This is the place to be to feel like you’ve transported to a different time, where bartering is the language of choice and tuning into its different dialects is what gets you the best deal."


Best Books for an African Safari

July 22, 2016 by Jodie Vinson

Jodie Vinson, the Managing Editor of Longitude Books, an online travel bookstore that provides customized reading lists for travelers, shares with us her list of essential trip reads for an African safari adventure. From the best Safari Companion to the works of Hemingway, these picks are sure to inspire.


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South Africa's Cape Winelands

July 19, 2016 by James Bainbridge