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We Do Not Share Information With Others

Mountain Travel Sobek does not share, sell, or trade email addresses, telephone numbers, information collected as part of a survey or specific details about you and your household.

Mountain Travel Sobek does not release your credit card or financial information with any other companies or organizations except to process your credit card for your Mountain Travel Sobek adventure.

Mountain Travel Sobek does not share any past or current client names and postal addresses with any other companies or organizations.

Mountain Travel Sobek may work with third party online advertisers who use cookies to help us manage advertising. The cookie is placed by us and the information that we collect is not personally identifiable. It does not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address. However, it may tell us or them what other sites you have visited that are associated with the network advertiser. This information may be used for the purpose of targeting advertisements on this and other sites based on those interests, and to learn which ads bring users to our websites. We respect your privacy and you may opt out of advertising by clicking here.