MT Sobek Code of Conduct

An MT Sobek adventure is the ideal balance of adrenaline and fun. Creating an enjoyable trip for everyone means that safety is as important as enjoyment and we understand that everyone’s experience is influenced by the behavior of every guest and staff member. MT Sobek is committed to crafting a respectful, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for all of our guests, reinforced by our Code of Conduct.

Why have a Code of Conduct?

MT Sobek is proud of our reputation as a leader in innovative, authentic adventure travel. We’re a community of diverse people brought together by a respect for—and enthusiastic belief in—exploration of the outdoors while building meaningful relationships with local communities, directly benefiting the people and places we visit.

Travel is About Respecting People, Places, and Cultures

We ask that guests and staff alike treat each other with dignity, integrity, and respect.

Respectful behavior includes, and is not limited to:

  • Honoring each guest individual’s identity, including:
    • abilities, age, level of education, ethnicity, family status, gender, gender identity and expression, immigration status, political beliefs, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, size, social and economic class, and/or veteran status;
  • Drawing interpersonal boundaries and respecting others’ boundaries, including:
    • asking permission to take photos/videos of others, and asking permission to post on social media the aforementioned; and
  • Giving each other space in private moments
  • Speaking with a guide if offensive behavior occurs

Please refrain from disrespectful behavior, which includes, and is not limited to:

  • Prohibited conduct such as:
    • sexual solicitation;
    • profane, obscene, or abusive language or behavior;
    • racial, ethnic, gender, or other language relating to identity; and/or
    • harassment, bullying, discrimination, or hazing
  • Abusing alcohol and/or drugs, or exposing other participants to intoxicants
    • Please note that drugs, including marijuana, are prohibited in many countries and public places and on U.S. Federally Protected Land, Cataract Canyon, Middle Fork Salmon River, Alsek, Tatshenshini & Arctic River trips among others

Health and Safety is Paramount

Practice good health & hygiene: Guests and staff are expected to practice good health and hygiene routines individually and collectively. These include, but are not limited to: frequent hand washing; sneezing into your elbow; physical distancing measures as instructed by your guide or local authorities; and proper use of personal protective equipment (masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) that you bring with you or is provided by MT Sobek. Should any guest exhibit symptoms of illness or impairment or behaviors deemed concerning, we reserve the right to remove that individual from the trip as a precautionary measure for the safety of the group and so as to allow us to assist that individual in receiving medical and other help as appropriate.

Some MT Sobek trips travel through remote locations where environmental factors can be a challenge to health and safety and medical resources are very limited. It is not uncommon to become dehydrated in arid and hot conditions or while exerting oneself, which amplifies the effects of alcohol. To ensure your safety as well as the safety of those around you, we ask that you practice moderation with alcohol and refrain from drug use in these remote areas.

Guests should immediately report any concerns about safety, security, or unsafe or illegal behavior to their guides. Failure to immediately report these concerns may delay our ability to respond to the situation.


If a guest fails to adhere to this policy or we determine, at our discretion, that there is a concern for the safety, security, or well-being of others, MT Sobek may remove the guest from a trip immediately. MT Sobek may also report incidents to local authorities and seek other legal action where appropriate. Any guest who is abusive or disrespectful to other trip participants, guides, or others encountered during a trip, or who otherwise detracts from the enjoyment of the trip by others, is subject to removal without refund, at the guest’s own cost for accommodations and transportation home.

No refunds will be issued if you are removed from a tour because of a violation of this Code of Conduct Policy.