Photo Gallery Antarctica Fly & Cruise

A MT Sobek staff returned from our most popular Antarctic adventure: Antarctica Fly & Cruise. Here she shares with us her best moments, along with a gallery of jaw-dropping images.

Trip in a Nutshell

On Antarctica Fly & Cruise, travelers fly across Drake’s Passage to meet an expedition ship that’s waiting for their arrival in Antarctica. Everyone then boards the ship and spends five incredible days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula with a group of naturalists and adventure guides. It’s the best way to skip the “Drake Shake!”

First Impressions

Like we were landing on another planet. I would say that the Antarctica Fly & Cruise is the closest thing to interplanetary travel that we have here on earth.

Life Onboard

The ship was warm, cozy and very comfortable. Fantastic meals come with complimentary Chilean wines. Hot drinks, teas, and espresso machine available in lounge 24 hours a day. You learn so much while onboard that it really adds to the thrill of the adventure.

Top Highlight

I loved the sea kayaking option, where I got to glide peacefully past curious seals and shimmering icebergs. I kept thinking, “wow, I’m kayaking in Antarctica!”

Unexpected Moment

We had a really interesting afternoon steaming through sea ice on the day that we went farthest south. Since I was there in the early part of the season, there were some areas that were still full of sea ice and brash ice. The week before I was onboard, the ship was not able to push into the narrow and scenic Neumayer Channel because the ice was too thick. On the afternoon that we were in the area, the expedition leader warned us that we may not be able to “get through” because of the ice. For several hours, the captain navigated us through the channel very slowly and let the bow break up huge pieces of sea ice. Guests lined up on the bow bundled up with binoculars, cameras, and had so much fun. I thought to myself several times that the navigation team would back out and abort mission. But the captain kept on and we had such a magical afternoon and evening with daylight all of the way towards midnight.

solo traveler with warm athletic gear who is exploring Antarctica
icy glaciers in Antarctica
two penguins dashing past on the snow in the Antarctica wilderness
a seal popping his head above the water in Antarctica
two guy and girl travelers on a canoe boat sighting sea lions lying in Antarctica snow
a group of kayakers making their way through a wildlife expedition in Antarctica
the sun peeking under clouds in Antarctica
a polar expedition on a cruise ship floating past a herd of penguins in the Arctic
blocks of ice melting off the glacier in Antarctica
sun rising in the Antarctica wilderness
a solo traveler beaming and outdoors on the balcony of a polar cruise ship
smiling woman about to embark on a kayak trip in the cold waters of Antarctica
sighting an orca in the water in Antarctica during a wildlife polar trip
a sea lion laughing and frolicking in the ice of Antarctica
an Arctic penguin standing in the surface of a shallow water in Antarctica, unsure of next move
solo traveller in red polar gear on land of Antarctica
a English flag waving near a traveler's lodge, an accommodation in Antarctica
Arctic penguin diving into the icy cold water of Antarctica
flying on a small plane to Antarctica
a solo traveler exploring the Antarctica Fly & Cruise an Arctic adventure

Antarctica Fly & Cruise is our most popular Antarctic adventure and it sells out fast! Check out the trip here.