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For the last 40 years MTS has tested the waters of the world—adventure cruising on small vessels to exotic locales like the Galápagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, and the frozen reaches of Antarctica and the Arctic Circle.

A History of Nautical Adventure. Way back in 1970, we organized the first ever sailing cruise to the Galápagos Islands for the Sierra Club. Then in 1989, an MTS group became the first Americans (along with the first woman ever) to reach the South Pole, via ski expedition across the Antarctic continent.

Small Ships, Not Cruise Ships. Over the years, we've found that adventure cruising aboard a nimble small ship or deluxe yacht gives our guests an intimate expedition-like experience with maximum flexibility. We can navigate narrow waterways, pull right up to private coves, and get you on shore quickly. No waiting in long lines to get off the boat and no crowds once you get on shore!

Your Own Private Galapagos. In the Galápagos, our deluxe yachts carry a maximum of 48 guests, and most carry 16 or fewer. So we spend more time snorkeling with sea lions, photographing the ubiquitous iguanas, and exploring the varied environments of the islands, and less time waiting to go ashore. And for the ultimate Galapagos experience at a time that's best for you, you can charter an entire yacht—a great option for those who want a really special family cruise or adventure with a group of friends.

Explore the Ends of the Earth. In the Arctic and Antarctica, where it's harder to travel and conditions can be much rougher, the ships are larger and more stable. But our polar cruise ships still hold fewer than 150 guests, far fewer than even the smallest cruise line can boast. And each is equipped with a fleet of quiet, nimble, and lightning fast Zodiac boats to whisk everyone ashore as quickly as possible.

Comfortable (or Luxury) Quarters. Accommodations aboard our ice-class expedition ships (including a former Russian spy ship) are comfortable, but not plush. You'll be spending most of your time exploring outdoors: kayaking, skiing, hiking—even camping on the ice. On our Galápagos trips, you can choose between modest and luxury cabins aboard our variety of sailing yachts. 

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