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10 Must-Visit Summer Destinations

By: Grace Park

Grace Park is Mountain Travel Sobek's Marketing Coordinator. Her recent travels have taken her to Korea, Israel and Cambodia, where she helped teach Cambodian high school students as part of an international mission. Grace enjoys drinking boba & coffee, eating good food, hosting people at her home, playing board games, and trying out new cafes!

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May 7, 2024 | Adventure Experts

Summer’s warmth brings an irresistible urge to explore, and there’s no better way to satisfy it than with Mountain Travel Sobek’s expert-led adventures. We’ve handpicked 10 must-visit destinations where you can hike spectacular trails, explore ancient wonders, discover vibrant cultures, spot incredible wildlife, or indulge in culinary delights. Explore some of our most popular summer trips below!

List of 10 Must-Visit Summer Destinations

1. Glacier National Park, Montana

Get ready to fall under the spell of Glacier National Park’s unspoiled beauty. Its soaring peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and diverse wildlife create a magical backdrop for adventure seekers. Hike scenic mountain trails through Montana’s Glacier National Park, then descend into chiseled valleys and rolling grasslands, where vibrant wildflowers bloom and waterfalls are at their best in the spring and summer. Join us in discovering the wonders of this natural paradise.

Wild flora in Glacier national park, montana.

2. Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Experience the magic of the Emerald Isle as you journey through Ireland’s lush landscapes and charming villages. From the dramatic cliffs of the Wild Atlantic Way to the mystical beauty of the Giant’s Causeway, Ireland captivates with its rich history, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. Explore ancient ruins, sample traditional Irish fare, and immerse yourself in the captivating scenery of the Irish countryside. Don’t miss your chance to explore Ireland’s North to South hiking trail!

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A group of people standing on a wooden boardwalk on the edge of a cliff.

3. Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho

Everyone should raft Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River at least once in their life! Choose to crest more than 100 or 75 unforgettable rapids in 100 or 75 miles, paddle or float to suit your activity level, and enjoy comfortable camping each night. Raft in the company of MT Sobek’s river guides! This iconic waterway winds its way through the heart of Idaho’s rugged wilderness, promising heart-pounding rapids, breathtaking vistas, and remote hot springs to soothe tired muscles. This trip is great for families and groups!

rafting on floatable kayaks and rafts with rafting poles in a summertime adventure to the Middle Fork in Idaho

rafting the whitewater rapids in Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the summer

4. The Pyrenees, Spain

Trek through this spectacular mountain range that straddles the border between France and Spain. From quaint mountain villages to alpine meadows teeming with vibrant wildflowers, the Pyrenees beckon with their timeless allure. Follow ancient pilgrimage routes, feast on delicious Catalan cuisine, and bask in panoramic vistas of rugged peaks that define this enchanting landscape.

A group of people standing in front of a majestic mountain with a breathtaking waterfall, exploring one of the best hikes in France.

5. Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy & Switzerland

Embark on a summer escapade through Europe’s incredible Alps with a hiking trip along the legendary Tour du Mont Blanc! Traverse the stunning landscapes of France, Italy, and Switzerland, immersing yourself in the spectacular scenery of this iconic mountain range. Explore the charming alpine village of Chamonix, the picturesque Courmayeur, and the serene beauty of Switzerland’s Val Ferret. Cross crystal-clear glacial streams, ascend rugged mountain passes and feast your eyes on panoramic vistas of towering peaks at every turn. Indulge in alpine delicacies like fondue and raclette and experience the challenge of one of Europe’s most iconic hiking circuits! This trek is sure to challenge and inspire even the most seasoned of hikers!

hiking scenic trails with group and guide in hiking circuit trail of Tour du Mont Blanc in the summer

two travelers hiking trails near glaciers in Tour du Mont Blanc hiking circuit in the summer

6. Svalbard, Norway

Set amidst the icy wilderness of the Artic under the midnight sun, Svalbard, Norway stands as a unusual summer destination! With seasoned expert guides at the helm and aboard a comfortable expedition vessel, you’ll embark on a voyage, charting a course through icy fjords, observing majestic polar bears, walruses, and reindeer, and beholding the expanse of pack ice stretching as far as the eye can see! Explore using zodiacs for up-close encounters with wildlife. Let the magic of the Arctic captivate you!

ice pack and glaciers in Spitsbergen, largest island of Svalbard in Norway in the summer

watching white polar bear walking on iceberg in Spitsbergen, Norway in a summer trip

7. The Salkantay Trail & Machu Picchu, Peru

Looking for a blend of hiking and cultural immersion? Start this epic lodge-to-lodge trek from the historic town of Cusco, where ancient Inca stonework and the echoes of a bygone empire linger in the air. Your path leads you along the lesser-known but breathtaking Salkantay Trail, which weaves through the majestic Cordillera Vilcabamba. Walk through diverse landscapes of lush valleys, peaks, and cloud forests. Each day, you’ll trek from one cozy lodge to the next, welcomed with warm hospitality and treated to delicious meals amidst the stunning backdrop of the Andes. Finally, arrive at Machu Picchu, a spiritual UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, amidst the enigmatic ruins and mist-shrouded peaks, immerse in a fitting finale to an unforgettable expedition.

looking at ancient sites on pilgrimage trail to Machu Picchu

group of hikers hiking in the rugged wilderness of the Andes on a lodge-to-lodge trek to Machu Picchu on the Salkantay in the summer

8. Victoria Falls & Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Experience the untamed beauty in Zimbabwe on an epic multi-adventure safari. From the thundering roar of Victoria Falls to the sprawling savannas of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe is home to the continent’s most iconic wildlife and landscapes. Encounter majestic elephants, graceful lions, and elusive rhinos on exhilarating game drives, cruise the Zambezi River, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this diverse and dynamic country.

Canoe safari at Rukomechi Camp in Mana Pools in Zimbabwe

9. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Journey into the otherworldly landscapes of Bryce Canyon National Park, where towering hoodoos and surreal rock formations create a landscape unlike any other. Stay within the park, step out from the historic Bryce Canyon Lodge, and hike beneath the stunning hoodoo-filled amphitheater while enjoying breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. Explore both the classics and the hidden gems with MT Sobek!

Bryce canyon national park, utah.

10. Julian Alps, Slovenia

Slovenia is an ideal summer escape, boasting iconic spots like Triglax National Park and home to Slovenia’s highest peak, Mount Triglav. On our spectacular 10-day trip, you can discover hidden waterfalls, hike along scenic trails bursting with colorful wildflowers, and wander through historic villages, castles, and the charming city of Ljubljana. Join us for a kayaking excursion on crystal-clear lakes and sample delicious Slovenian cuisine, uncovering the secrets of this enchanting corner of Europe with every step.

The castle on top of a mountain overlooking a lake in Bled, Slovenia offers breathtaking views for hiking enthusiasts exploring Europe's natural wonders.

group of hikers trekking the scenic great Highlands in Slovenia, near Julian Alps, in Europe

In Conclusion

Ready to soak up the sun and embark on the ultimate summer trip? Our expert team at MT Sobek has more than 50 years of experience organizing group and private hiking trips worldwide. Browse our collection of hiking and trekking adventure tours to see which of these adventures you’ll write into your next epic travel tale.

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