Photo Gallery of the Week: Walking Japan

by MT Sobek

August 29, 2017 Fill 31 Copy Adventure Experts

I recently returned from our Walking Japan trip, and I found exploring Japan primarily on foot and by local train to be a leisurely-paced journey that offers an intimate experience you probably couldn’t get any other way.

It’s a well-balanced mix of Kyoto’s elegance, the countryside’s serenity, and even a bit of Tokyo’s modern verve, with each layer perfectly complimenting the others. I loved the efficiency and attention to detail that I encountered throughout Japan, from the trains that arrived exactly on the minute to the vending machines offering the perfect mix of hot or cold beverages to match the temperature outside.

Along the Nakasendo Trail I often enjoyed hours of solitude in lush, beautiful forests. It’s no wonder that the practice of shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing,” originated in Japan, offering rest and relaxation through immersion in the natural world. The food is simply superb—from immaculately crafted dinners at small traditional inns to hole-in-the-wall ramen and yakitori stalls in back alleys, I have never eaten such varied, fresh, and delicious meals anywhere in the world.

After many years of traveling I’ve found that certain destinations offer an ease of experience that makes visiting a pure pleasure, and Japan is just such a place. I can’t wait to return and explore further!

Photo Gallery

Brian Allen, Asia Regional Specialist

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