The Rise of Women’s Adventures

August 9, 2018 by Heather Howard

MT Sobek is proudly marking its 50th anniversary by creating a series of women-only adventures—a natural concept driven by a large community of female staff, guides, and travelers. But why now and what makes MT Sobek’s adventures different?

For Anne Wood, MT Sobek’s Director of Programs,  it started simply with a clear realization that women’s adventures are something MT Sobek should offer: “MT Sobek has always celebrated active women, along with the camaraderie and spirit-building experience of traveling together in the outdoors, so this is long overdue for us.”

The team quickly agreed that women’s adventures were a winning fit. Anne says, “We all had a very natural feeling about why women like to travel together, and why they take adventures together with MT Sobek. We felt that fun needed to be at the center of it, but that there needed to be some sort of challenge—true to MT Sobek.” Many of the five new trips include climbing mountains or rafting rivers in rugged landscapes.

Anne Wood is also personally involved in many women’s outdoor adventure groups, including a San Francisco Bay Area women’s hiking group with members aged 17 to 80. Together they have climbed mountains, trekked to Machu Picchu, and spent full days exploring woods overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Anne also adds, “My all-time favorite trips have been with my young adult daughter, rafting the Middle Fork in Idaho and snorkeling in the Galápagos.”

Five new Women’s Adventures for 2019:

Cataract Canyon Women’s Rafting Adventure

Raft Class 1-V rapids and enjoy scenic hikes, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, and fun games and feasts at camp on this 7-day adventure. Click here for more details.

Costa Rica Women’s Adventure

Enjoy tropical wonders on this 10-day adventure that includes Class III-IV whitewater rafting, rainforest hiking and yoga, and surfing. Click here for more details.

Historic Women of Patagonia

Be inspired by the women of Patagonia as you hike in beautiful Torres del Paine National Park, ride horses across the Patagonian steppe, and kayak through fjords. Click here for more details.

Summits of Norway Women’s Adventure

Experience Norway’s majestic mountains and fjords on this 8-day adventure that includes climbing Norway’s highest peak, Galdhopiggen. Click here for more details.

California Coast to Crest Women’s Adventure

Journey from the San Francisco Bay Area’s fog-shrouded coastal redwoods to Yosemite Valley over 8 days, with expertly guided hikes in some of California’s most treasured natural areas. Click here for more details.

Have ideas for more women’s adventures or want to craft your own customized trip with the girls? Let us know!

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