Level 5 Adventure Tours

Ultimate Challenge Adventure Tours

Level 5 trips are for experienced travelers seeking full days of activity and a higher level of physical challenge. Trips include trekking without vehicle support over steep, often rugged terrain at elevations over 10,000 feet. Daily hikes of up to 12 hours or more may include substantial altitude gains and losses into remote areas of wilderness. River rafting trips include Class IV-V rapids and areas where portaging is needed. Previous experience, as well as a completed physician’s certificate, is required. Check out our Level 5 trips below.

How to Find the Perfect Adventure for Your Activity Level

As adventure travelers ourselves, we know that everyone’s definition of “adventure” is different. Our interests and aspirations vary, and what might be a demanding challenge to one person could be a walk in the park to the next. That’s why our programs are created by our destination experts who have first-hand knowledge of the route, the terrain, and the type, duration, and frequency of activities offered. Based on that knowledge, each itinerary is assigned an activity level ranging from 1 to 5 and includes a detailed description of the trip’s physical demands—both overall and as part of the daily descriptions.

Ask an Expert

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